(EXCLUSIVE) Q&A : MXM Are The One You Need To Know Today

Hailing from the project show that got South Korea shook, Produce 101, Im Youngmin and Kim Donghyun, are the first Brand New Music idol trainees to debut under the agency’s BNM Boys subunit, forming a duo named ‘MXM’ with their mini album, ‘I’m The One’. They have since attracted the attention of kpop enthusiasts. MyKpopHuntress recently had the opportunity to have a quick interview with the boys to learn more about them. Let’s get to know them with all the Q&A we’ve prepared for you here!

(Im = Im Youngmin) (Kim = Kim Donghyun)

  1. What does MXM stands for and could you please describe I’m the One

(IM) MXM means “Mix and Match” as Dong Hyun and I want to combine our different styles and produce something unique and fun. It also means “More and More” as we want to continue to grow more and more throughout the career. ‘I’M THE ONE’ is about finding a girl after many relationships and breakups, and telling her to stay with me. I like that it is upbeat, fresh sound with a catchy hook. There are so many different colored songs in this EP, so I wish everybody can enjoy each one of them


2. What was the biggest challenge while preparing the new album?

(IM) As we are still new to the business, the whole recording process was very fascinating. It was definitely a learning process

(KIM) Since we had so many good songs, we wanted to really bring the best performance. I wish it could’ve been better. Because the producers were really leading us throughout the process, it was a very pleasant experience.We are confident that we can do better on the next one.

3. What is your expectation on the album? On the fan and on MXM yourself?

(IM) We are already getting great receptions by the fans, so we are really thankful for that. It motivates us to work harder and put the best performance on the stage.


4. What is your favourite track in UNMIX album? And Why?

(IM) From ‘UNMIX’ I recommend, ‘JUST COME OUT’. Personally, I really like the lyrics and it is the song that is quite different from ‘I’M THE ONE’.

(KIM) I recommend ‘BEING OBJECTIVE’. It’s a song that represents an honest feeling when you have a feeling for someone. Even how you look at them. I think it’s a song that will make you feel something.

5. What is you feeling on being the first Boy Band project from Brandnew Music?

(IM) We are very proud and excited about the future. Many people say that we are “Hip Hop” boy band because of the label, but I want to clarify that we are “a boy band” who will bring many different kinds of looks, styles, and sounds, and not solely stay on Hip Hop.


6. Both of you are talented in composing. What is your inspiration to write? When and how did the inspiration come?

(IM) I get them from the background scenes from different Music Videos, Movies, TV Dramas (KIM) I get them from poetries or certain scenes from movies.

7. How does it feel to collaborate with talented and experienced composer?

(KIM) We were so new when it comes to recording, but the talented composers and producers were helping us through the process, giving tips and know-hows to make the process go smoother. We are very lucky to work with them.

(IM) During the recording, I made a lot of mistakes because I was nervous. The producers really helped us out and led us from the beginning to the end. Their professionalism is really inspiring.

8. Why do you choose this concept for this debut album?

(IM) There are so many KPOP groups these days, and both of us really wanted to differentiate ourselves from them in our “Mix and Match” to be “unmixed”.

9.What MXM do in their spare time together and alone?

(IM/KIM) We get ready for the next upcoming schedule or events


10. As a duo, how would you guys coordinate/tolerate with each other? Have you fought with each other?

(IM/KIM) We really get along well and one of the reasons for that is honesty. We are honest to each other, and that is why we know mostly everything about each other

11. To Kim Dong Hyun, you are considered as still young, what is your feeling to have debuting at this age? Do you think you are prepared?

(KIM) It is such a great experience and an once in a lifetime opportunity. I am thankful for this and although I still lack in many areas, I want to work hard to improve

12.To Im Young Min, do you feel any age gap between two of you?

(IM) Dong Hyun really don’t make me feel the age gap between us. He is very mature and thoughtful.

13. Any variety show that you wish to join?

(KIM) Definitely traveling variety shows such as “Shin Seo You Ghi” or “1 Night 2 Days”

14. Other than singing, what else would you try in future? Would you consider MC-ing or acting?

(KIM) As I mentioned before, definitely a variety show. (Young Min) I want to try a commercial. I think it would be cool to represent for more brands and have my faces on outdoor banners and billboards.


15. Do you plan to promote in Malaysia? Please leave a message for Malaysian fans

(IM/KIM) We’ve heard that we are getting incredible amount of supports from you guys. We want to personally thank each one of the fans face to face. Please invite us! We will be waiting for the invitation!

Aren’t they such a promising duo with a great passion to perform? We re hoping for all the best for MXM and also, wishing that the duo would get the chance to visit Malaysia soon. Remember to tune in to MXM’s ‘I’m The One’ and check out the songs that they’ve personally suggested from their mini album.

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