[COVERAGE] Z-UK Pushing First Promo Tour 2017 in Malaysia, Pulling In More Fans

Born on the 27th of Jan, 1993, Jung Jae Wook or Z-UK debuted with his first solo single called ‘Push & Pull’ under ‘JN Entertainment’. He was the main rapper & main dancer for nearly three years with a hip hop male group ‘Bigflo’ before deciding to become a solo artist.

Z-UK said its always a dream of his to work on solo activities. Though it could be exhausting to go through everything on his own from production, choreography, outfit coordination and many more yet he sees it as a challenge. Its also a perk for him too that now fans can pay much more attention to him although he admitted that it could be lonely as a solo artist at times. He is in luck that his good friend, also a former member of the band, Hwang Kichun, are with him for his Malaysia tour.


In the middle of debuting as a solo artist, he had been looking up to a lot of much senior artists as a reference and recently get to meet Brian Puspos, a well-known American choreographer whose portfolio includes Justin Bieber, Chris Brown & Marques Houston. Speaking of his music transition, Z-UK never felt that his music has any prominent changes as both solo and when he was in his former group. All that he thinks, both are cool in musical terms.


Z-UK Promo Tour kickstarted with Malaysia as the first stop. He thought to give the honor to Malaysia as a gratitude of the fans’ support, citing that Malaysian fans would be the majority who tuned in to his Instagram live broadcast! He also had visited the country before with his former band and everything just added up into the decision.


His activities in Malaysia consisted of two showcases happening at Sungai Wang Plaza KL and AEON Stesen 18, Ipoh on 26th to 27th August respectively. Backed by We Dance Seoul crew, Z-UK opens the show with electrifying energy performing his single ‘Push & Pull’. He also covered few of his personal favorites, Jay Park’s ‘Yacht’, G-Dragon’s ‘Who You?’ & ‘Michigo’ as well as Taeyang’s ‘Ringa Linga’.


This single was his first step as a solo artist and he promised that more will come! We wish Z-UK all the best on his new endeavour as a solo artist and would love to see more from him in the future.

Special thanks to Yipin Studio for inviting MyKpopHuntress to Z-UK Malaysia First Promo Tour 2017.

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