(Coverage) Royal Pirates felt nostalgic in Malaysia

Astro Star Quest is back for new season, this time kicking off with a bang when the 3-piece rock band `ROYAL PIRATES’ were flown over from South Korea to be a special judge and mentor for the show. Now known better as simple capital letters of `RP’, Royal Pirates is back after 2 years hiatus with new music and vision. Mykpophuntress is honored have an interview with them to talk about `RP’, EP 3.3 and their Malaysian fans.


Remembering their first visit to the country, it’s surprising for them to see a large number of fans. “It was unexpected and overwhelming,” said Moon, the band’s vocalist when they are having `LOVE TOXIC’ showcase previously, he was expecting only 500 fans will come yet around 1500 to 2000 fans attended.


On EP 3.3, there is a deeper thought to the music and song. As explained by Exsy, the drummer of the band, the number 3 is really significant for them as a trio, they imagined themselves as a solid triangle that withstand everything.

The EP 3.3’s style is different from their last album. James, the keyboard bass explained that they kind of going back to their root. Royal Pirates started off with Alternative Rock, then they goes to pop and with EP 3.3, they are back with what they started off. Rather than following the current music sensation, they wanted to makes music that can actually tell people the story of them as a band. The new EP features 6 songs that fuse multiple genres including hard rock, electro, dance and retro dance music.


James explained that their producer assisted them through tough times and bind the members deeply, to keep them together. As childhood friends, we got curious on any specific rituals they had before going on stage in which they said there is nothing specific to it. They will usually just sits down and converse about anything to calm themselves.

A lot of interesting things happened when they recorded the latest EP at Los Angeles. The day they’re supposed to record falls exactly on Moon’s birthday. Since he is the sole vocalist that needed to record his voice alone, James and Exsy wanted to get him a birthday cake but its already approaching 12am so they ended up with a Choco Pie lit up with a Darth Vader candle and Moon thought its his best birthday ever.

On latest obsession, James admitted he is really into shoes and they are clearly very expensive! Moon and Exsy on the other hand, are greatly enthusiastic on the latest Dragon Ball Super series.

During their stays in Malaysia, they’ve uploaded a picture of them eating Durian with no caption. James said he really regrets it a lot, his tastebud just disagree with the King of Fruits. Exsy is into eating it, James told he seems to have a steel stomach against spicy and dangerous food like Durian. Moon had his first taste of Durian on their previous visit but wanted to remember the taste which then he regretted it.


Collaboration seems to not be impossible for them. They named CN Blue and YB as the bands they are interested to collaborate with. Since RP are musicians to the bone, they have been experimenting a lot with different genres for them to express in their album. James said they are interested in Hip Hop and R&B lately and would love to interpret it into their next album. He also told that Royal Pirates are bound by their love of music. They admitted that they do fought a couple of times but it is the bond as childhood friends that greatly helped them to find each other back.


As for Malaysian fans, Royal Pirates felt nostalgic to be back in Malaysia. The warmth they received from the first and second visit, are still as warm as the weather and full of smiles. It saddens them to not get a chance to promote their album here officially. At the end of their interview, they hope to be back to promote their new album.

Mykpophuntress would like to thank Universal Music Malaysia for arranging an intimate interview for us with Royal Pirates.

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