[COVERAGE] ‘Super Fly’ with 24K


On 22nd of April 2016, 24K, pronounced as two-four-K recently held a press conference at EZ9 Live House Cheras. Made up of 7 members namely Cory, Jeonguk, Kisu, Hui, and Jinhong with the absence of Daeil and Sungoh, attended their first press conference in Malaysia looking all dashing in variant of slim, black suits.

Conference started with member’s introduction. Cory is a fluent English speaker and helped in interpreting everything Korean to English and vice versa between the members and media, even when the official interpreter is present. Hui, the only Chinese member of the group, said he would take care of the members and would never lost their way in China. Jeonguk is in charge of dance and performance, Kisu is the mood maker, Cory is the leader, while Jinhong is the maknae and also the visual of the group.



24K seems to be well prepared for their Malaysia showcase. Kisu said he wanted to try KAYA jam. They also learnt the ‘Aku Cinta Padamu‘ phrase, a favorite and staple for amongst idols who are visiting Malaysia. Cory would love to go to the twin tower KLCC when asked on his interest of activities over here.




They were asked about their favorite beverages and the group are split in between Coca Cola or Orange Juice. A little different, Kisu joked saying his favourite drinks is Kaya Jam followed by erupting laughter. The interview gets deeper when the question about their type of girls came up and Jeonguk said his type changes from time to time and Cory commented on the note that Jeonguk is a playboy. Kisu likes girls that likes him and Hui prefers kind girl. Jinhong and Cory claims their ideal type are everyone that attended the press conference.



The day after the press conference,  ‘24K First Showcase in Malaysia 2016‘ tour kicked off at Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur and the second stop on the following day at Cheras Leisure Mall. Their fans known as 24U filled up both venues, started on 4.00pm and were running for around 2 hours. 24K beat out their talent in singing and dancing by performing their hit titles; Super Fly, Hey You, Rush, Secret Love and Its Heaven. They’ve also covered Adele’s hit single ‘Rolling In The Deep‘ and Big Bang’s ‘Bang Bang Bang‘.


In between songs, the band had some game sessions with their fans. Few lucky fans are selected and they were playing a simple Charades at Berjaya Times Square and did a dance competition at Cheras Leisure Mall. Lucky for the fans who is paired with Jinhong, his team leads and won at both venues.


A little interview were held too, they were asked what is their favourite Malaysia food. Cory mentioned that he tried Kuih and liked it. Kaya jam fever is of course, still Kisu’s favorite. A question on their ideal type again, Cory prefers girls who likes to eat and would like to have kuih date with her. Kisu simply likes girl who likes kaya, and repeating themselves, Hui likes kind girls, Jinhong with the one who likes him and Jeonguk lives up to his playboy name by choosing a fan with his placard as his type.


On the second day of their showcase tour, 24K’s member Jeonguk made a special appearance at the ‘Get K-razy KPOP Dance Competition 2016‘. He delivered a flawless dance performance with his partner before announcing the winner of the competition. The showcases ended with photo and autograph session. Mykpophuntress would like to thank the official organizer New Pro Star for inviting us.

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