[Coverage] Bigflo First Showcase in Malaysia

Coming first in a poll on who should be coming next to Malaysia, Sirius Entertainment together with J One Entertainment brought in Bigflo as promised for their First Showcase in Malaysia. BIGFLO is a South Korean hip hop boyband made up of six members; led by Jungkyun there are Yuseong, Z-UK, Ron, HighTop and Kichun and they debuted under HO Company on June 23rd, 2014 with their hit song ‘Delilah’ charted in Top 20 Best Kpop Song and Video in online music chart.

Bigflo kick-started their First Promo Showcase at Bintang Megamall in Miri, Sarawak on 14th April followed by another showcase at The Summit Subang USJ on the 16th.


In between those two days, a press conference were held at EVOLVE Concept Mall, Damansara, Selangor. The band greeted and introduced themselves in Korean, English and Chinese.




At the question of their favourite food in Malaysia, Bigflo assured that they have tried various type of food with Yuseong naming Luk Luk as his favorite, Hightop loving the sweet & sour chicken while Kichun mentioned the difference of fat Malaysian-bred chicken has that he likes. Z-UK picks Kampua Mee, one of the meals they’ve tried in Miri and Jungkyun enjoys Milo the most for its rarity back at home.



Talking about their successful showcase in Miri, Bigflo were pleasantly surprised by the crowd that has attended and expresses their gratitude for it. The band then gives a sneak peek on what to expect for their showcase by having Hightop freestyle rapping including ‘Kuala Lumpur’, ‘Miri’ and ‘Malaysia’. He then spills the beans about their new music preparation and ‘Delilah’ would be released in Japanese soon while its Chinese version is coming afterwards.


At the end of the press conference, Bigflo promised they will be coming back to Malaysia as soon as possible after saying they are glad to have been here and met their Malaysian fans.


A day gap after their great show in Miri, Bigflo’s showcase were up next in Summit USJ, Subang on 16th April. Opening with the song ‘Obliviate’, the band sets a great adrenaline rush amongst spectators with their powerful dance and great vocal seamlessly. Introduction of members comes after, thanking the fans at the same time for making their showcases a success both Miri and USJ.


Z-UK drops the news that Japanese version of ‘Delilah’ is set to release soon with the probability of Chinese version to follow after. He wishes to do a Malaysian version too as a thankful gesture for the fans. We’ll keep our eye on it, Z-UK! Jungkyun’s introduction comes with his previously mentioned, favorite beverage, ‘Milo’ that reminds him of his childhood. Yuseong is interested on Pasar Malam, earning invitations from the crowd. Kichun extended his love for fried chicken with KFC, saying in term of size they’re larger than the ones back at home. Ron told fans on his fascination about rice difference in Malaysia and Korea.


After the introduction, they performed another energetic song ‘Big Mama Jama’ before taking a slow pace by singing a much laidback song, ‘Fly’. Game session comes next with 6 lucky fans, they were grouped into three for a game called ‘Sepak’ or known better as ‘Jegi’. Team Rambutan is led by Hightop and Kichun, Team Durian under Ron and Jungkyun and Team Jambu with Z-UK and Yuseong. Jambu team won the game and it ends with the winning group taking a group photo.


The interview session next relays the band’s place of interest to visit in Malaysia. Islands are Junkung’s choice, Yuseong mention the Pasar Malam again and Hightop would like to visit the Twin Tower. Kota Kinabalu for Z-UK and Kichun answers cheekily by saying he is happy to be here with the fans. Ron picks the beach as the place he wanted to visit the most.


The final song for the showcase is their hit song, Delilah before it moves to photo and autograph session. The event wrapped up around 6PM.

Bigflo Fan Gathering party was held on 17th April 2016 at Grand Pacific Event Hall, Evolve Concept Mall, Damansara Selangor.


Bigflo had also made a guest artiste appearance at Asia New Star Model Search 2016 @ Face Of Malaysia on the 18th of April 2016 at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. They performed two of their hit track, Obliviate and Delilah.



A short interview was held during the event and they were asked what would they like to b

e if they are not artistes. Ron answered, a model and he stunted a catwalk right away. Kitchun and Hightop shares the same answer with Ron. Z-UK would like to be an emcee and Yuseong prefers being a cosmetic ambassador for brands like Innisfree. Junkyun be milo model, Malaysia’s Milo model.

After spending almost a week in Malaysia, BIGFLO flies back to Korea on 19th April 2016.

Special thanks to Sirius Entertainment and J Entertainment for inviting mykpophuntress to follow Bigflo’s activities during their stay in Malaysia.
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