Red Velvet Finds Their Footing with First Album ‘The Red’

Red Velvet’s debut was as widely anticipated as it was treated with a little trepidation; afterall, hailing from an entertainment company with a long list and history of very successful idol groups comes with it high expectations in areas of creative direction and talent. With two other girl groups active, news regarding Red Velvet’s debut included concerns that Red Velvet would be too similar to the other two groups, who had then formed strong fanbases and had distinct identities.

Fortunately, concerns were laid to rest as Red Velvet’s upbeat and bright personalities, together with their awesome debut song, clearly showed how different they were from their seniors. Their subsequent releases also allowed them to showcase how their vocal talents and bright personalities were utilised very well in their songs and concepts.

With their new offering, The Red, Red Velvet further cements their identity in the industry. Title track ‘Dumb Dumb’ is a song that truly defines Red Velvet as a group – fun, upbeat, and quirky, with a concept that only Red Velvet can pull off with that charming mixture of femininity and cute. Check out what they had to say about their album, and their journey thus far, in our interview with them.

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