From Pirates To Baristas For A Day

While the sun settled down near Dalkomm Cafe in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, 9 lucky fans waited for the arrival of the three members of the Korean-American Rock band, Moon, James and Sooyoon for the special fans gathering session. Royal Pirates who had just finished their first showcase in 1Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu, were scheduled to perform at Bentley Music Auditorium as a part of their promotion tour <Love Toxic>


The Fan Meeting started off with the warm greetings from each members. Even though they’ve just landed in KL from KK few hours ago, they were so energetic and happy to meet their fans. 9 lucky fans were picked by Hotlink from a contest that was held in Instagram recently to join this Special Experience with Royal Pirates.


Fans and members teamed up with a mission to make the best cup of coffee and won the special gift from Dalkomm Coffee. The café’s barista had generously demonstrated on how to make the artistic flower and a leaf as a coffee art to them. Moon claimed that he had worked as a barista for a year and was very confident claiming that he will make a good coffee. As he poured the steamed milk into the shape of ‘Heart’, the other members jokingly said that it looked like a 양팔 (onion) instead. Anyway, we were sure Moon had tried his best! Sooyoon diligently did a “deer” on his coffee. While in the other team, James was asked for a pirate face, but instead of making a pirate, he did Moon’s face.


Like a royal waiter, the members serves the coffee one by one to their fans. They silently waits at the back while listening to the fans comments about the coffee. We’re quite curious on what would it taste? Will it be similar to the coffee that we usually bought, or will it be tastier that that? One of the fans commented that it tasted better than the normal coffee that she always drank at the coffee shop! Wow. 30 seconds were given to each team during the coffee art competition, and guess what? Team Moon won! They’d even finished decorating their coffee before the time ends. How cool is that? Thanks to the ex-barista Moon for the victory of his team!


Next is the Q&A question! Here’s some of the questions that were asked by the fans;-


Q: What kind of foods that you want to eat in Malaysia?

James: Actually we have a lot of things to try in Malaysia, I wanna try BigMac

Sooyoon: We already ate some of the foods yesterday night, but we couldn’t remember the names.

Moon: I wanted to try nasi lemak.


Q: If you could be a Royal or a Pirate for a day, what would you pick and what would you do?

James: I wanna be a Royal. Pirates smell.

SooYoon: I wanna be a Pirate.

Moon: I wanna be a royal too.


Q: What is your ideal type?

James: My ideal type changes every time.

Moon: I liked feminine girls. But sometimes I’m attracted to girls that are totally the opposite of my type, a person with good aura (energy) when the first time I see her.

Sooyoon: I liked energetic girls that are very bright, someone who loves to go out and travel. Someone fun with long hair and pretty eyes.


Check out our Instagram and Youtube for the videos from the Q&A session!

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