[Coverage] GOT7 Fan Meeting in Singapore

After attending a very entertaining Press Conference earlier in the day, we then caught the fan-meeting later on in the evening. Here are some highlights of the show:

1)      Impressive live vocals and choreography:

GOT7 certainly blew us away with their performance. Not only did they look great with their stage costumes, perfectly coiffed hair and handsome presence, they executed their choreography with a combination of youthful grace and aggression. Opening the show with “Stop Stop It”, the eagerly awaiting crowd went wild at the sight of the infamous body waves of the choreography performed live. We personally think that this is the loudest event we’ve ever attended! They then moved on to “Gimme”, a song whose lyrics leader JB said he could relate to.

Later on in the show they also performed “Moonlight”, “Forever Young”, “Girls Girls Girls” and “Bounce”!



2)       They are HILARIOUS

Prior to this, we’ve heard that GOT7 has larger-than-life characters, and having witnessed them live, we have to admit that that’s true!

During the fan interaction and games segment, they could be seen sabo-ing each other to do aegyo, making Youngjae dance (and then laughing at him), acting like they didn’t know each other’s birthdays… and the list of the horribly funny things they do to each other goes on! This is a group of boys who are so familiar with each other they don’t take offence at the jokes they play on one another. It was nice to be able to witness the bond they have!


3)      They are very comfortable with I GOT7, and very sweet to them

You know how they say that celebrities have unapproachable auras? Well GOT7 are so comfortable and friendly with their fans, they just seem like your regular oppa-next-door! (Of course, we weren’t on stage staring up at their handsome faces, so what do we know, huh!)

Lucky fans were chosen to go up on stage and were paired with a member each. We have to admit that we were wowed by the boys’ spontaneity, and we must say that we were very, very jealous of the lucky fans!

I am in love with GOT7's Youngjae

GOT7 were made to walk the runway with their fan, and they certainly did not hold back from displaying their romantic best! Jackson put his jacket around his fan’s shoulders and held her hand (before adorably running away from embarrassment), JB dropped on one knee and held her hand in a pseudo-proposal, Jr. gave his fan a front hug AND a back hug, Yugyeom held his fan’s head, Youngjae and his fan did a heart pose, Mark walked around with his arm slung casually around her shoulders like they’ve been dating for awhile, and Bam Bam held his fan’s chin and almost leaned in for a kiss!

In another game segment, fans were blindfolded, and the boys’ were made to stand behind a fan each. They were then supposed to make a sound so that the fans would be able to guess who the member behind them is. This was one of the more innovative games we’ve seen in a fan meeting and it turned out really hilarious!

Guess the Boy game - 2

Mark and Yugyeom realized the best way to confuse the fans was to make the same noise! How smart was that? JB also did a very adorable and very convincing baby’s cry. The fan who got her answer right was the fan paired with Mark! When she asked for a hug with Jackson, unfortunately she was not allowed to do so. Nevertheless, the very sweet Jackson pleaded on her behalf!

Besides games, fans also stood the chance to receive  posters and albums from the boys themselves. What really stood out for us was how the boys were considerate of the fans. They  made sure to check for the fan’s favourite members, and then ensured that the fan received the gift from the member himself!

4)      I GOT7’s love for GOT7

A very sweet video prepared by local fans was aired, and we’re pretty sure the boys were moved by the effort that fans put in. Fans present in the venue then sang “She’s a Monster” and it was quite a sight to behold! Good job SG I GOT7!

As part of the surprise celebration for Bam Bam’s birthday, a cake was brought out for him. The whole venue then sang a birthday song for the birthday boy. To express his gratitude, he air-hugged the whole venue, in an attempt to hug all fans present.

GOT7 BamBam birthday2

It was overall a very enjoyable fan meeting for all present. The members of GOT7 were fun, candid and their love for their fans shone through. The event was also well organised and the games were certainly the highlight of the fan meeting.

We look forward to seeing GOT7 in Singapore again. Perhaps for a full scale concert next?

Our gratitude to LEAP IMS for the invitation to cover this event. All pictures were provided by LEAP IMS.

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