[EXCLUSIVE] EXO Talks About EXODUS & Pathcode

EXO has successfully made their comeback with a 2nd full-length album, EXODUS. The title track, ‘Call Me Baby’ was released online on the 28th March 2015, followed by the release of the physical album on 30th March. Testament to EXO’s magnificent popularity and the passion of their fans, the album stormed music charts within a few hours of release. The music video for ‘Call Me Baby’ was then officially released for public viewing on the 31st March, reaching 10 million views in just a week.

Offering 10 tracks by renowned international and local producers such as SHINee’s Jong Hyun, Teddy Riley, The Underdogs and Kenzie, EXODUS delivers an album brimming with R&B and ballad tracks, showcasing the group’s versatility. Fans should be familiar with the melody of two songs from the tracklist, ‘El Dorado’ and ‘Beautiful’. Both songs were first introduced during CHANYEOL, LAY, BAEKHYUN and CHEN’s teasers prior to their official debut.

MyKpopHuntress was lucky to have been given a chance to interview EXO themselves. Read on to find out more about what the boys thought of their album, teasers, and concept, and with some insight into the boys’ personalities:




Q: It took about a year to come back. How does it feel? What is the difference between this album and the previous one?

CHANYEOL:  The (previous) albums we had so far portrayed the young boys’ image, but this album shows much more developed and mature attitude in both of our performance and vocals.

SEHUN: A lot of things are different. You may find extensive new things (from the album). Since we’re doing our come back after a year, we felt really nervous and excited at the same time.

Q: This album’s title is 『EXODUS』. What is the meaning of it? Please tell us the album concept and the direction of the music in the album.

CHANYEOL: The word EXODUS means escape. This album relays the change of the original image EXO had to a more improved one.

SEHUN: We wanted to show more mature and manly side of us.

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Q: Please share with us the music style, track, concept and MV of the title track 《Call Me Baby》

CHANYEOL: The title track ‘Call Me Baby’ is a song (that is sung) to a girl one had fallen for. The girl may be seen as our fans, EXO-L. The music style comprises of old school flavor, coming together with harmonization of cheerful brass sound and old school drum beats. The music video uses the Long-Take technique and you will see our transition of a boy to a man.


Q: What did you think when you first heard about the title track and the concept of it? What was the first impression?

XIUMIN: We believe that we are able to show you way more awesome images of us. This time the song and choreograph went really well together.

CHANYEOL: When we first heard about the title track, we believed that the concept was really suitable for EXO to do it at this time. The songs were really great too.

SEHUN: We were really excited since this concept was what we’ve wanted.


Q: Before the album was released, each member had a clip of ‘Pathcode #EXO’, which surprised all the fans worldwide. What was the hidden meaning or the concept of ‘Pathcode #EXO’? What is the connection between each members?

CHANYEOL: The hidden message of the Pathcode is ‘awakening’. This means that awakened their supernatural power, and evolved into the next stage.



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Q: Through ‘Pathcode #EXO’, each member reveals their power. If you really had a power, what do you want to do the most?

XIUMIN: I want to build an Ice Palace like how Elsa did in the movie ‘Frozen’.

CHANYEOL: Although I hold the power of fire, to be honest, I’m envious of KAI’s supernatural power. I would like to utilize the teleportation and move to better places, might as well go traveling (with it).

SEHUN: I want to have supernatural power of instant teleportation (and) I would like to travel around the world too.


Q: For this album 『EXODUS』, it has 10 version each for Korean and Chinese. Was there a special reason for this?

CHANYEOL:  The special thing about the individual version is that, each album has each members and message of  ‘Thanks To’  inside!


Q: Please share to the fans your recommended track except the title track 《Call Me Baby》, and the reason.

XIUMIN: EXODUS has very fancy and luxurious atmosphere in it.

CHANYEOL: I recommend ‘Transformer’! This track matches well with EXO’s style, and the song itself is very good.

SEHUN: ‘Transformer’. I liked it eversince I first heard it. I like this song the most among all the tracks from the album.


Q: You have collaborated with SHINee’s JONGHYUN, how was it? Is there any other artist you want to work with if the opportunity is given?

CHANYEOL: We’ve collaborated with JONGHYUN for the track ‘Playboy’. It was so much fun to work with him and if the opportunity is given, we would love to do a collaboration (with him) again.

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Q: How is the fashion style (fashion concept) of this album?

CHANYEOL: The fashion style is kind of manly and has old school concept.

SEHUN: Although it has old school style, it were tweaked in a classy way. So it is different.


Q: Your first regular album and repackage album in total has sold more than a million copies, whichmade you million sellers. What is the goal and the expectation of this album?

CHANYEOL: We have achieved million selling for the album ‘Growl’, and I hope we can do it again this time.

SEHUN: I wasn’t expecting us to sell million copies nor to be in the top ranking. I am just happy at the fact that we, EXO, has made our come back and stood on the stage to see our fans, I am very thankful of that.



MyKpopHuntress would like to thanks SM Entertainment for the opportunity to interview EXO

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