[Coverage] GOT7 Got Love in KL


GOT7 was once again in Malaysia but this time it is for their special fan meeting, organized by Erama TV. The show which started at 5pm, attracted approximately 1500 fans from local and international including Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan.


Held in KL Live Life Center, GOT7 performed “Stop Stop It” and “Gimme” as the opening songs. The fans can be heard chanting for GOT7 loudly. Fans who have been waiting to see them since morning, were very passionate as they sing along to each and every song. The fans came prepared with their light sticks and banners to show support for the group. There was a change in atmosphere later, when they performed “Moonlight” and “Forever Young”. The two ballads which was in a different tune from the first two, along with GOT7’s sweet voices, calmed the crowd into a lullaby.

The most memorable moment of the show was when the boys were challenged to dance a Malaysian traditional dance. They were shown a video of performers dancing Zapin and to our surprise, GOT7 followed soon after they watched the video! During the “Whats in the Box” segment, all the members were given a chance to guess the items placed in the boxes (which they failed miserably anyway!) but we are very sure that they will remember “Terompah”, “Tengkolok”, “ Rambutan”, “ Orang Utan” “Ketupat” “Mangosteen” and “Murukku” for the rest of their lives. Kudos to the organizer as this is an impressive way of showing Malaysia to our guests!

After the craziness from the games played, the lights were dimmed once again, and a video specially made by fans for GOT7 were shown, followed by a surprise birthday cake for Jackson whose birthday falls on March 28. Jackson was seen touched by the cupcake prepared by fans, even asked for pictures to be taken as a momento.


IGOT7 ( the fans name) once again electrified when the boys were back again on stage for a powerful performance of “A” and ‘Girls Girls Girls” which made the crowds high. As an encore, GOT7 performed “Bounce” before saying goodbye to the fans with a promise to return to Malaysia soon.

We can say that despite being a newbie, GOT7 has the ability to put up good showmanship with flawless vocal and powerful dance performance. Two thumbs up on their effort to interact with Malaysian fans in multiple languages ( Malay, English, Mandarin and Cantonese) and for them to be able to conquer Malaysia with their charms and talents. We definitely can’t wait for more from them in the future!

Many thanks to the organizer, Erama TV for the invitation and the opportunity to cover the event.


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