TaeYang RISE World Tour 2015 : The ‘Sun’ Finally Rises in Malaysia.

After the success of his first solo album Solar in 2010, Tae Yang has been focusing on his group activities. Or so we thought. Little did we know that for 4 long years, Tae Yang has been working on his new album, RISE.


It took him 4 years to perfect the songs in the album. 4 years for him to work his magic along side Choice37 and Teddy Park, who had helped with his previous album. He also sought help from The Fliptones, JHart and other noticeable producers, including Boys Noize and Peejay. Both of which had contributed to Big Bang albums. Band mate G-Dragon, who is known to be his best friend, also contributed to his album.

All of the hard work and long hours in the studio brain storming for RISE was not in vain when RISE immediately received an All-Kill in Korea (placing #1 on all charts) soon after it’s release on June 2, 2014. The album quickly became the third highest charting K-pop album, and the highest charting kpop album by a solo artist on the Billboard, debuting at #112 on Billboard Hot 200. RISE soon reached #1 on Billboard World Albums Chart soon after.

Following the blooming success of the album, Tae Yang finally had his Kuala Lumpur leg of the RISE World Tour at Stadium Negara last Saturday. Presented by IME Production and powered by Kaching, the stadium was filled with enthusiast fans of Tae Yang from all walks of life. Foreign fans from neighboring countries can also be spotted attending the concert.

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Kicking off with “Body” and “Super Star”, both songs that depicts how he appreciates the beauty of a girl, Tae Yang swoon the girls off their feet right from the first note.

Tae Yang faces no problem communicating with his fans that night as he is pretty well versed in English. Enough to even tease his fans on wanting to see him topless. Other than English, Tae Yang also communicates in Bahasa Malaysia. He even made a short serenade to his Malaysian fans beaming at his ability to comprehend a few sentences in Bahasa Malaysia.


“Apa Khabar Malaysia,

Apa Khabar?

Saya cinta kamu,

I said saya cinta kamu

Terima Kasih

Saya rindu kamu.

I love you

Malaysia I love you”


Constricted by the warnings given by some parties to not go topless, Tae Yang however cannot help but be the cheesy guy that he is when he said “Malaysia, I see a lot of beautiful ladies here, since the beginning I couldn’t take my eyes off you. And so I want to invite one of you to the stage. Is it ok?” during his stage of “I Need A Girl”. He then invited a lucky fan on stage and offered to be her boyfriend for the night. Turning her into his leading lady on stage. Tae Yang took it up a notch by grabbing her hand and running with her backstage at the end of the song. Leaving the crowd screaming in protest.

His fanservice continues when he offered his brand new white Nike Air Force One sneakers and his cap to 2 lucky fans via a lucky draw. Later into the concert, he throw his cap towards the audience for keepsake ; we couldn’t see who’s the lucky fan but we’re pretty sure he/she is ecstatic!

During the concert, he even sang his latest song “Good Boy” featuring his best friend G-Dragon…ON SCREEN. “Today there’s only 1 good boy. Is it ok without GD?” to which the crowd cheered “Yes!”.

From his fancy leg moves to that cheeky boyish smile of his, Tae Yang got the crowd moving through out the entire 20 songs. Often seen on stage with his Big Bang members or with G-Dragon on stage, seeing him standing solo performing on his own that night proves that Tae Yang is capable of handling the crowd on his own.

Also, kudos to every single VIPs present that night for singing along to every single song showing just how music unites us as one.



“Malaysia, you are number 1, from my heart, I love you! Thank you for being an amazing crowd! I will never and can’t forget about tonight. Thank you and I love Malaysia.” – Tae Yang


**Mykpophuntress would like to thank IME Productions for inviting us to cover the concert.

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