Ha Ji Won’s First Overseas Fan-Meeting in Singapore

We kick start a brand new 2015 with an exclusive coverage of Ha Ji Won’s first ever overseas fan- meeting in Singapore. The event was held on the 10th of January at the Singapore Conference Hall and boasted an audience of not only Singapore fans but also Korean fans of all ages as well as international fans that had flown in from places like Malaysia and China. It was an evening packed with much fun and interaction as the actress sang and danced for her fans, played games with them as well as moved the audience with her heartfelt words of gratitude. Behind the mask of an A-list Korean actress was a genuine, down-to-earth and warm-hearted girl full of sincerity and endless smiles to spare for all the fans in attendance that evening.


Ha Ji Won herself opened the fan-meeting as she stood in the spotlight on stage singing her version of ‘That Woman’, the OST from her hit drama, Secret Garden, which had garnered numerous fans during its run in 2010 and still remains to be a well-remembered drama by many today despite it being four years since the drama series ended in January 2011. Even the actress herself commented that singing the OST made her feel like she had gone back to being her character, Gil Ra Im from the drama, indicating how impactful her role in the drama had been to her. For the purpose of this fan- meeting as well, the humble actress had also taken time out of her busy schedule of movie filming and promotions to head down to the original sets and filming sites of her previous dramas, including Secret Garden and Empress Ki, to show her fans her work place as well as share her filming experience firsthand from where she had filmed them years back. It was heart-warming to see how much time and effort the actress had personally put in to prepare for the event and fans attending.


The lovely actress was also revealed to have taken up English lessons recently, in order to prepare for her Hollywood debut, and also especially for the fan-meeting that evening. Along with prompts from the host that evening, the actress did her best to answer the questions posed as well as communicated with the audience in as much English as possible. She had even wittily commented, referring to herself, “She’s pretty yea?” while watching a VCR compilation of clips from Secret Garden with the audience. While her English might not have been perfect, her efforts to reach out to the audience to make it as comfortable as she could for them were commendable.

The 2-hour event also saw the ‘appearance’ of Ha Ji Won’s many handsome drama co-stars; Hyun Bin from Secret Garden, Ji Chang Wook from Empress Ki as well as Lee Seung Gi from The King 2 Hearts. Hyun Bin and Lee Seung Gi had personally prepared a congratulatory video for the actress as well as the fans, singing praises of her kindness and wishes of success for her first ever fan-meeting. Ha Ji Won also shares that among all her male co-stars, Hyun Bin was the one whom she was the closest to and spent the most time with during the filming. This was because the drama’s storyline, which saw the two leads having their characters swapped, meant that the both of them had to frequently come together to discuss and consult with each other on what would be the best way to portray their characters. Lee Seung Gi on the other hand, was a co-actor whom she bonded closely with over food. Ha Ji Won reveals that she would always be able to get recommendations for the best eateries around the filming site from Lee Seung Gi, in addition to having meals with the actor himself on other occasions.

Upon word from the host that Ha Ji Won had wow-ed the entire production cast with her impressive arrow-shooting ability while filming on the set of Empress Ki, the actress decided to show us her skills during one of the mission games, and shot a direct bullseye at the mask worn by her manager who was holding on to the actual arrow target! Apologising profusely, the actress confessed that it had been awhile since she did any arrow-shooting and as such had lost a little of her touch with it. Nevertheless, no harm was done and I’m pretty sure anyone would have like to be shot by a beautiful lady like Ha Ji Won herself. While on the topic of Empress Ki, the actress also reveals her close relationship with her co-actor, Ji Chang Wook. With a smile, she says that he has a very bright personality and is constantly bringing much fun and laughter on the set with his practical jokes. She also shares that she herself had played a prank on Ji Chang Wook while he had his eyes blindfolded for one of the scenes!


In addition to having personally filmed VCRs at her past dramas’ filming locations to show them to the audience that evening, selected fans also had the chance to hug, shake hands, take a polaroid photo as well as match eyes with the lovely actress during the course of the fan-meeting. Aside from singing a Korean OST, Ha Ji Won also performed a Chinese song as well as sang to Lenka’s The Show, which she reveals is a special gift for her fans that were in attendance that evening. Before the end of the fan-meeting, the actress also went down the stage to the audience seating area with her monopod and videocam in hand to capture a memory of her fans at her very first overseas fanmeeting in Singapore. “If I miss you, I’ll look at this video,” was what she said during her final ment that night.

Tearing up, the humble actress sincerely thanked everyone in the audience that evening for making her first overseas fan-meeting a truly memorable one and hopes to be able to see everyone again soon. The 2-hour long fan-meeting ended off with an up-close hi-touch session with Ha Ji Won who also prepared an additional gift, a bar of scented soap, for every person in the audience, to thank them for coming. Though small, it was an especially meaningful gift because it isn’t often that we see an A-list Korean star choosing to personally prepare so much for her fans.

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