In Retrospect: 이게 무슨 일이야 (What’s Going On) at Let’s Fly with B1A4 & Acer.

Words are indeed sharper than swords. By writing one word, it is possible to penetrate every joints and marrow of one soul. For years, K-pop concerts and shows are welcomed in our beautiful soil, Malaysia. Not just the rookies who come over to promote themselves, some of the K-pop A-lister have also visited our nation to hold their mega multi million dollars shows; as a tribute to their fans who have supported their musical journey.

Quoting a verse from B1A4 song What’s Happening, ‘What’s going on, on such a good day’- as the special fan meeting ‘Let’s Fly with B1A4 & Acer’ which was held last Saturday, 10 January 2015 at KL Live, tainted by poisonous words thrown from every corner of the nation, and the idol, B1A4 made it to the headlines in most of the major medias here. Before your phalanges bones continue clicking your keyboard and your tongue uttering more discomforting words, let’s pause for a moment and do not let ‘that’ few minutes video clouded your judgment and rationale.


For those who aren’t familiar with B1A4, the band comprised of 5 young lads led by Jinyoung who also served as the lead vocalist, followed by CNU, Sandeul, Baro and the youngest Gongchan.  The band debuted in 2011 with their hit single ‘O.K’ and since then, they have garnered international fame being the most recent of completing their first World Tour ‘Road Trip’ which ended last October in San Fransisco. After several appearances in joint-concerts and events in the past years, finally, for the very first time, B1A4 standing proudly before their thousands of passionate fans to deliver an enthralling, engaging and captivating solo maiden show.


            Looking preppy for the evening, dressed in striped blue and white jacket, they kicked off the evening with their debut song, O.K followed by Beautiful Target. There’s no need for a bigger stage or gigantic props to convince the jam-packed house of fans- as their bouncy, catchy and upbeat tempo introductory songs already set the mood and the awestruck audience mouthing the lyrics of the songs.  While the atmosphere in the venue continue to fuel with vociferous reactions from the floor coupled with high resonant fan chants, the band cool down the temperature and performed back to back of their ballad tracks, Lonely and If.


With full respect, the band greets the fans in Malaysia’s national language, Malay, by taking turns introducing themselves to the audience. Oops! Looks like Baro didn’t pay attention in class and made a cute lil mistake while introducing himself. Instead of saying ‘Nama saya Baro’ (My name is Baro), he accidentally said ‘Nama kaya Baro’ which erupted huge laughed from the audience. Realizing his little mistake, he quickly rectified it and introduced himself once again. The efforts that the band took to learn basic conversational Malay language in order to engage with fans should be praised. Not only that, as the nation recently hit by the bad flood in the Eastern cost of Malaysia, the band also expressed their concerned over the tragedy, paying respect and condolences to the victims and further ensuring the well being of the fans too.


Varied from the normal concert, this special fan meeting involved the participation of fans on stage-not just as a symbol of appreciation for the fans’ attendance, but also to engage and communicate with the fans. Travelling around the world, the band has made friends across the globe, meeting fans from different cultures, race and religion, and Malaysia, is not exempted. Prior to the event, the fans were asked to ‘post a question to B1A4’ on a special board which were placed outside the venue. During the session, the board was put before the audience and the members of B1A4 were asked to randomly choose among hundreds of post-it note glued on the board. Amongst the questions and requests chosen were (i) A birthday wish, (ii) Acting cute by doing a ‘bbuing-bbuing’ expression, and (iii) Mimicking Elvis from the musical where one of the members acted in.

The lucky fans were then invited to the stage to participate in a game entitled ‘Pop-Parody’ where they have to act out different scenes from popular Korean drama series. Mimicking these romantic scenes that involved hug & kiss scenes that evening received various reactions. This is where things get juicy, as you (the readers) have read from the news reported in the medias for the whole week. Fan services and friendly gestures between both B1A4 and fans has led to some aspersion and backbiting across the social media especially. Without condoning or condemning the actions, this article solely reporting the flow of the event, and stands impartial over the issue. Indeed a non-tampered 3 minutes video will be more tangible and persuasive as an evidence to support ‘certain claims’ circulating the media, but we seek our readers to clear their head and be rationale before writing in their opinions.


Through out the 2-hour event, B1A4 has proven being a world-class entertainer and serenading their audience with other hit tracks from their albums such as Pretty, Solo Day, A Glass of Water, What’s Happening, Baby Goodnight and You Are My Girl. They are staggeringly nice, crowd pleaser and at this point it’s difficult to be cynical towards them. They were respectful towards the crowds and with modesty and honesty, they thanked their fans and vowed before their fans to continue working hard and stay together as long as the fans continue supporting the band. would like to thanks TGM Events for the invitation.

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