ToppDogg – Talented Rookies With TOP Fan Service

Kuala Lumpur, 7th Dec – Multitalented korean rookie group, ToppDogg fired up the stage at HGH Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur with their amazing vocal and dance performance for their first ever showcase held in Malaysia last Sunday.

Consists of 13 members, Jenissi, P-goon, Seogoong, Gohn, Hojoon, Kidoh, Sangdo, Nakta, Hansol, B-joo, Xero, A-tom and Yano, they debuted under Stardorm Entertainment last year with their debut song, “Say It”. Sadly, due to injuries, member‘s Seogoong couldn’t make it to the showcase.

Arrived a day before their showcase, they were welcomed by so many ToppKlass (their fanclub name) at the airport, who has been waiting for them since morning just to meet them up close in person.




The showcase starts up with opening stage by Malaysian local singer, Kvinx slowly heats up the venue while waiting for ToppDogg. Right after that, ToppDogg came out performed their debut song, “ Say It ”.  They didn’t just conquer the stage with so many members dancing around, but also conquers their fans heart with such a powerful dance and vocals. All the members later greeted the fans as the MC starts the Q&A sessions.

When asked about whose in charge of aegyo (cuteness), everyone voted for B-joo and he shyly acted cute in front of all fans. Other questions that were asked was “which members can cover a girl group dance?” and it was a chaos when all of the members trying to talk at one time. But then they agreed to let the Wizard Line (dance sub-unit)to do it and P-goon said they will show the fans a short cover of Sistar – Touch My Body.

The MC requested for them to dance Sunmi’s 24 Hours song and Atom surprisingly did well on covering the song. Not forgotten, member P-goon also sneakily flashes his chocolate abs, when asked on who have a nice abs. His action surely made fans went wild.


Before they started the game sessions, they performed another spectacular stage of “Open The Door”. They played a korean game called “Cham Cham Cham” where members Bjoo and Nakta personally pick up the audience below and play together.

After two powerful dance stage, it’s the time for the vocal line showing off their singing skills by singing a ballad song called “Ara” . During the break, the VCR was showing a funny short clip of the members waking up each other in their dorm that has never being shown anywhere else before.


The boys came out after changing to another outfit and performed “Arario” and “TopDog”. Without wasting the time, they continued the showcase with a “dancing class” by Jenissi while the Wizard Line went back stage to prepare for their stage. We learned how to dance “TopDog” and three lucky fans were selected by the members and did a dance battle whereby the winner can get a wish from ToppDogg. Instead of having the “prize” by herself, the winner asked one of the members to hug her friend. Such an angelic fan they have!

The Wizard Line continues to wowed us with their energetic and sexy dance, one by one members went up stage and showed off different colors of dancing skills and ended it with a perfect harmonized group dance.


During “Peekaboo”, the members went down stage and shake hands with all the fans, which is unexpected event and left the fans speechless with the amazing fan service.


Kidoh, the first member in ToppDogg who released a single album few month ago performed his solo stage, “Still Alive”. When he was busy singing, the music stopped and everyone started to sing “Happy Birthday” to him and one of the members brought a cake along and two representatives from their Malaysian fanclub, ToppDoggMy went up stage to give him a special birthday present. We can see tears rolling over his cheeks as he blew up the candles. As the only member who can speak fluent english, Kidoh said he was very thankful and really shocked because he didn’t expect that there’s a surprise birthday celebration. After taking a group photo with the fans, he teased the MC, “Do I need to continue my song now?”, making everyone laughs.

They turned off the lights again and continue to show the previous clips of the boys in their dorms, and also a clip of “How Much Do You Know About ToppDogg” whereby the members talked about other members secret.

Final stage was “Annie”, a title song from their recent comeback album, ‘Anniversary’ and thanked the fans who came for their showcase today and waved goodbye to them as they leave the stage. The fans screamed for encore for few times. Lights went off again and the boys happily walked to audience and sings “Why Am I Like This” as their encore stage. Half of the crowds went wild when all of them walked around the audience, screaming their bias name.


Before they ended their showcase, Gohn said Malaysia is very warm, just like their fans. He added, “We were happy to be in Malaysia, and was surprised with all of the fans who showed up at the airport yesterday and also celebrating Kidoh’s birthday today”. They thanked the fans again and finally leaving the stage to prepare for the fansign event.

Mykpophuntress would like to thank the boys for their never ending fan service on that day and not forgotten a huge thanks to Jazzy Group of Companies for inviting us to this memorable moments with ToppDogg in Malaysia.

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