The press conference of the widely anticipated YG FAMILY 2014 GALAXY TOUR: POWER IN SINGAPORE took place at a ballroom in Resorts World Sentosa on Friday, 12th Sept 2014. Packed with local and overseas media representatives, the room was buzzing with excitement as everyone awaited the arrival of the star-studded cast of the first ever YG Family concert held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 13th and 14th of Sept 2014.

At 6:30PM sharp, the doors of the ballroom opened to welcome the artistes of YG Entertainment. With the exception of worldwide sensation, Psy, the members of Big Bang, 2NE1, Epik High and newly debuted boyband, Winner entered to take the stage as the special guests of the day. Dressed in minimalist white, black and grey tones with the occasional navy hues, the artistes warmly greeted everyone before taking a seat to receive questions posed by the media and host of the day.

As it was a GALAXY TOUR sponsored by SAMSUNG, each artist was also given the latest range of SAMSUNG’s smart devices to play around with during the press conference. Replying to a question on their thoughts about the new SAMSUNG smartphone, Dara complimented its stylish design and commented on how its huge and clear screen made it good for selfie-taking. This led to endless selfies and photo-bombed wefies by the artistes throughout the session, to the amusement of the media present as their camera shutters when snapping away to capture these moments.


A total of 13 questions from the media were selected and based on the answers given, it was clear that the artistes of YG Entertainment were not just a family by name but they all shared a close connection to each other be it as inspiration for music or as a role model to work harder to live up to the YG family name. When asked which artiste inspires them, Big Bang picked Winner because they’re an inspiration just by their name itself while Winner chose the senior artistes of the family. Winner also added that it has been such a great experience and that they are honoured to be able to perform on the same stage as the whole YG family after having just watched from the sidelines during their pre-debut days.


Even when posed the question of which artiste they would like to collaborate with on future projects, the members once again picked each other, indicating how comfortable they are with each other and how much they enjoy working as a family. Big Bang’s TOP selected 2NE1 as a potential collaboration artiste for future music projects while Epik High’s Tablo daringly picked the boss of YG, President Yang Hyun Suk, and expressed his wish for a rap and dance collaboration with him. We hope his wish comes true and anticipate a possible collaboration track on Epik High’s upcoming 8th album. On the upcoming 8th album that they’re working on, Tablo chose not to divulge into the specifics but preps everyone that it’ll be a hit and tells everyone to look forward to it!


In response to the same question, 2NE1’s Dara chose Epik High’s Mithra Jin to do a kissing scene with should she decide to forward her career as an actress. This response led to fellow member, Tablo cheering them on to do a live demonstration of the kissing scene right then for the media, which of course, did not take place as the host for the day subtly shifted the topic away with another question.


The artistes were also asked to share their thoughts on going on a family tour and performing together with all the family members. Big Bang’s Taeyang reveals that it’s their first time having such a tour in Singapore and that he is happy to be able to perform as a family and especially so with the addition of new boyband, Winner. The Winner members also expressed that being together with the YG Family on such tours is a special moment for them, and one of the more memorable ones since their debut, as they are in the presence of their respected seniors both on and off stage.

2NE1 also shares that the difference with solo concerts is that family concerts like these bring out exciting collaborations between the members and this allows fans to see another side of the artistes which can only be shown during such family concert tours. Taeyang also adds that fans can also expect a greater variety of music and performances at a family concert than at their individual solo concerts.

The short but enjoyable press conference session ended with a group photo-call of the YG family artistes along with the Samsung smart devices that they had with them throughout the session. The star-studded cast also took a big group selfie on stage with the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 before heading offstage to prepare for the 2-night concert that was to take place that weekend. We also hope that the artistes enjoy the group-customized chocolates presented to them on stage as a special token of welcome to sunny island Singapore.


Special thanks to One Production for the invite.

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