CNBLUE : Not Shy To Flaunt Their Ability In Bahasa Malaysia and Promises To Be Back For More

On August 9th 2014, Malaysian Boices had the time of their lives once again as their idol, Korea’s top rock band CNBLUE performed in Stadium Negara, for their Kuala Lumpur leg of the Can’t Stop Live Tour.


The clock ticked and ‘exploded’ around 7.45pm and CNBLUE heated the stage with ‘Time is Over’ followed by ‘Diamond Girl’ and ‘Intuition’.

YongHwa, being the teaser that he always is blew a flying kiss to the crowd and drove the crowd wild, singing along and moving to the beat of MinHyuk’s drum.

Seeing that this is the third time they performed here in Malaysia, the boys are not the least bit shy to flaunt their ability to converse in Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysian Language)


YH : Wassap Malaysia?? We are CNBLUE.. CNBLUE stopping Kuala Lumpur. Thank you for your waiting. Apa Khabar Semua (How are you?). Let Us introduce ourself.

JS : (With smiling face all the time) Apa khabar?? Saya JungShin. Rindu kami? Rindu kami? Saya pun Rindu Kamu. Long time no see~~ (How are you? I’m JungShin, Miss us? Miss us? I miss you guys too. Long time no see~~~)

YH : Long Time No See Long Time No See (singing a tune)

JH : Apa khabar? Saya Jong Hyun.Selamat Datang Konsert kami. Jom kita bergembira. (How are you? I am Jong Hyun. Welcome to our concert. Lets have fun).

MH : Apa Khabar? Saya MinHyuk. Selamat Berkenalan. Jumpa lagi!! Aku Cinta Padamu. Aku Cinta Padamukah?? (How are you? I am MinHyuk. Nice to meet you. I love you. Do I love you? )

YH : (YH to MH) Padamukah?? Apa Khabar Semua? Kami rindu kamu.Kamu sudah bersedia? (To you?? How are you? We miss you. Are you ready?) Say BLA BLA BLA! Say CLAP CALP CLAP!


With that YongHwa started his usual beatboxing in the hope that the fans could follow suit but only few in the crowd were graced with a beatboxing talent so he went on saying “Say BLA BLA BLA! Say CLAP CLAP CLAP! Lets say LOVE” and naturally continues on with their concert.

They sang a total of 24 songs including 3 encores in what seems to be one of the most happening rock concert we’ve ever been to. They have certainly up their game since last year’s Blue Moon Live in KL Tour. CNBLUE member have since proved that they knew how to work their crowd leaving them wanting for more.

At the end of the night, their leader YongHwa made a promise to Malaysian Boices saying that this concert will not be the end as they will definitely come back in the future.

We would like to extend our gratitude to IME Productions for their kind invitations and congratulate them in wrapping up another successful event.


CNBLUE Can’t Stop Live in Kuala Lumpur Setlist :

Time Is Over

Diamond Girl



These Days

My Miracle

Blind Love

Cold Love


In My Head

Greedy Man

Love Is

Sleepless Night

Let Me Know

I’m a Loner

Coffee Shop

I’m Sorry


Try Again Smile Again

Can’t Stop

Like A Child


1. Wake Up

2. Love Girl

3. Love Ligh


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