Imagine Your Korea @ The K-Festival 2014 in Malaysia

The K-Festival 2014 @ Malaysia is the very first festival organized by Korea Tourism Organization and supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. This event started from August 8 – August 10, 2014 in Pavilion, KL which managed to attract thousands of visitors for the 3 days in rows. Upon the inaugural speech during the opening, this festival aims to ignite hallyu fans’ K-imagination with a thrilling showcase of Korean food, culture, art, performances, technology and shopping with the theme ‘Imagine Your Korea’ as a new tagline.


Audiences are presented with a traditional performance from infamous twin sisters, Lee Sarang & Lee Yerang who are the master of the traditional Korean instrument called gayaguem. Wearing colourful Hanbok, they surprised the audience as they started to tuned in Malaysia national anthem, ‘Negaraku’ from the Gayageum and the audiences stood up by respect and sang the national anthem along with the music. They later performed ‘Arirang’ and a song that promotes the natural beauty of Korea. Gifted with excellent vocal and talent attached to the musical instruments by the twins, it gives us a new insight on Korean music and culture as well. It managed to set us away from the usual k-pop mainstream that we listen every day.




In another session, Painter Hero, a group of artist who performed their non-verbal art managed to steal audiences’ attention with their quick artistic painting skill using hands complemented by the upbeat music. We were actually jaw-dropped when they finished the painting and later found out that it was actually a puzzle of 4-different drawing blocks that combined and became a beautiful art. Two thumbs up!


Visitors were able to experience a demonstration on Korean food by Chef Lee Sang Hak. While preparing the dishes, Chef Lee told the audience on the history of utensils that was used by the Royal/King. According to her, the utensil is able to detect if there is any presence of poison which targeted the King during the Joseon period. The K- Food booth had also prepared some dishes for the visitor like Ddukk bukki, Kimbap and Jajangmyun. We manage to try the Dduk Bbuk ki, that even though it is spicy, it is still our favorite K-Food!


Not forgetting the traditional fashion, a fashion show was staged by Korean Royal Hanbok. Hanbok is usually worn during a national holiday or as a wedding dress. During that day, it was showcased by following the hierarchical order from the royal family hanbok, normal citizen and etc. With vibrant of colours presented per set of the costume, is it indeed giving the idea how flamboyant the show would be. It is a good exposure to the public in getting to know the Korean traditional dress.

Another highlight of the event is per below:

Day 1 – Highlight


HaHa from Running Man had made his special appearance during the first day of the K-Festival, with over 3000 fans waiting, screaming and cheering his name from earlier. HaHa expressed that he is gladful to be back to Malaysia to see the fans. He later gave out gifts and signed CDs to the audience as a token of appreciation to fans who waited to see him. 200 lucky fans who selected earlier also received not only autograph, but a hug and selfie! We could not help but felt jealous over the lucky fans! Towards the end of his session, he walked down from stage to get closer to fans and to greet them with ‘thank you’ and ‘good bye’. It is such a humble gesture from a big star like him appreciating the fans in the event.

Day 2 – Highlight


Korean famous idol group, MBLAQ was also one of the highlight of the event, which four members, Thunder, G,O, Mir and SeungHo (without Lee Joon) turned Pavilion upside down with the scream from the A+ fans. This is MBLAQ first visit to Malaysia and they were overwhelmed by the response received from the fans not only from Malaysia, but our neighbour countries as well. They performed 3 songs from their hits list, ‘Be A Man’, ‘Monalisa’ and ‘Oh Yeah’ with high spirited and full of enthusiasm owing the loud ‘fanchant’ cheered by the fans. The members also showing off some of the Malay words they learned beforehand, ‘Terima Kasih’ & ‘Kita Cinta Kamu’ received tremendous cheer & applause from the audience on the effort. Though it was short, we bet that all the fans left the venue with the smile and good memories.

Day 3 – Highlight 

As for the third day, there is a final round of MY Kpop Talent show 2014 which is also an annual event by KTO. The event had turned into a Kpop Concert with the groups performed a cover dance from various Kpop groups complete with a cheer/support banner from their own fans!  Each group had performed very well, showing their talent and dance routine which are almost similar to the original performance. A round of applause for them as we’re sure a lot of efforts has been put into the performance. A group who called themselves as ‘Variance’ won the competition scored them a trip to Korea. Oh, how we wish we can dance like a kpop star!


3 days of K- festival 2014 had ignited us with the imagination of Korea and their culture, and we sure that others will agreed with us. The event was nicely organized by the KTO but we really wish that this event can be held in a bigger place to accommodate the guests that come not only for the show but for the booth and the exhibition as well. It’s a fact that K-culture is really growing in Malaysia. Not forgetting kudos to the MC and host of the day, Baki Zainal (who also the Kaki Korea Ambassador) for the Great Spirit and being entertaining to the fans.

Thank you again to KTO for the special invitation for us from Mykpophuntress. We hope to have another great event from you soon.





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