[Interview] NU’EST ‘Re:BIRTH’ into a man for their new comeback



There are a lots of boy groups out there with new comeback and concept each days, despite the fact that it’s competitive enough to stand still, Nu’est is still standing strong with their very first full studio album, ‘Re:BIRTH’. Consist of 5 members who are JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun and Ren, they definitely revive after 2 years of debut and able to present something new with their new title track ‘Good Bye Bye’. According to members, this is a new concept that they haven’t venture into it before and excited to see the reaction of the fans with this new image of them.


MyKpopHuntress is given an opportunity to ask few questions to Nu’est on their comeback. Check out the exclusive interview with them!







About the ‘Re:BIRTH’ album and Comeback

 MyKpopHuntress: What is the difference between this album and the last album? What can fans expect from it?

JR:  For me, I think the part that has changed the most was the feeling of being ‘natural’. From the jacket album, you can see that we had put so much effort in looking more natural in this album. For myself, I’m also participating in the rap making in this album, so, there are 4 songs that I love especially “Love without love” and “Lend me your shoulder”.


MyKpopHuntress: What have you gained throughout the preparation of this comeback. Who do you think improved the most?

[BaekHo] I believe everyone has been improved a lot as we took a long time to prepare for this album and comeback.   We’ve been calling it as ‘hell training’ as we were actually stuck in our practice room every day for the training. Everyone has improved but if I were to point out one, I would say that Minhyun’s singing skill has improved a lot.


MyKpopHuntress: We can see that the group has shown a masculine side of yours from the  team’s dress code and hair style for this comeback. Who get to decide on this concept and the style?  

[Minhyun] Basically, the company’s staffs and the stylist team who came out with those ideas. However, there are times where we can voice out our own opinion or preference regarding this (the styles). In Ren’s case, he wanted to change his usual hair style, and in this “Re:Birth” album concept, his opinion (about changing hairstyle) suits the concept and there he is. Regarding our costume & outfits, our company’s representative has given out his own ideas on it too.  As we have reached our 20’s, we would like to show a bit of mature style from ourselves.


MyKpopHuntress: Do you have any favorite songs to recommend to your fans? 

[Ren] The album contains a bonus track and I would really like to recommend the song called “Hey Love”. Everytime we sing this song, we think of our love ones and at the same time the feeling of grateful to our fans. So, make sure you purchase the album and listen to it ^^



About the album concept

 MyKpopHuntress: What is your first impression when you heard album’s concept? Are you actually ready to turn into a man?

[REN] I feel like the concept is representing our current situation. Including me, all 4 of us is our 20s right now, so we are improving on our skills & ability too. We thought that in this album, we can show our looks as if we were re-born.


MyKpopHuntress: Officially become adults in Korean age, what do you think is important as an adult? What is plan & preparation your for future?

[JR] For me, I think it is “responsibility”. As we were teenagers, we won’t be able to understand it fully, but as we turned 20s, I think this is the time for us to be more responsible towards the people and the action we’ve made. Around half a year before I turned 20 years old, I only realised that it will take a lot of effort onto becoming more responsible. I want to learn to write lyrics, and rap-making too. I also hope that I can write the lyrics for our album in future.

[Aron] I want to go to university. I would like to further my study in journalism as my dream is to become a journalist


MyKpopHuntress: As the eldest, did Aron give any tips/advice in becoming the men?

[BaekHo] Actually, Aron’s mental age are the same like us (hahaha) instead of giving advice… I think he’d rather play around with us.


MyKpopHuntress: Who had changed the most since the debut days?

[Aron] It was Ren. Since debut he was blonde, and this time it was the first time he cuts his hair short and even changed the hair color. Hahaha When he changed his hair style I think he looks like a real man.


Planning for the future

 MyKpopHuntress: What you want to fulfill with this comeback ? What is the goal?

[JR] To all fans, with our album’s title track “Good Bye Bye”,  we will be meeting each other more often now, so please look forward for it. If there’s any opportunity, I would like to go to Malaysia and meet our Malaysian fans!! Please call us, we can visit you anytime.

[BaekHo] I wanted to be No.1 in any music program at least once. If we really made it as No.1, I would cry for real.


MyKpopHuntress: If you win any no1 ranking in music charts, what will be your promise to your fans?

[Ren] Having 2 days 1 night camping together with the fans?? ^^


Message for Malaysia fans

[Minhyun] To all Malaysian L.O.Λ.E!!  Finally, after 10 months, we are back with our new album!! Please give a lot of love for our song “Good Bye Bye”. I’ve heard that soon you will be fasting for one month time. Even though it’s hard, but we are always here for you to support you and cheer you up. I hope you will have more courage/strength when you’re listening to our songs ^^ Malaysian LOVE, we love you ^^

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We would like to thank again both Pledis and M.E Malaysia for the opportunity.

Picture credit : Pledis


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