2NE1: We’re the Goddess of all!

24 May – Kuala Lumpur – 2NE1, a girl group from YG Entertainment held their second World Tour concert “All Or Nothing” in Malaysia last night at the Stadium Negara, remarked their 5 years in the music industry which is impressive as to the recognition that they got through all around the world.

2NE1 who stands with four members, CL, Dara, Bom and Minzy debuted in 2009 with their hit single “Fire”. Known by their unique style and amazing songs, they have been sweeping all sort of awards that any other girl groups could have imagine off. They are also the first Korean girl group featured on the Billboard website as they ranked #1 with “I Love You” song in the Billboard top 100 song in the world.



2NE1 All Or Nothing concert started off with the girls wearing a very cool red sparkling outfits while singing “Crush”. Few seconds later, they performed “Fire” and heats up the stadium with the real fire blasting off on both sides of the stage. 2NE1 introduced themselves and the members greeted everyone in Malay, “Apa Khabar Malaysia?”. Fans cheered each time the members have their individual greetings. Without wasting much time, they continued with “Clap Your Hands”, “Pretty Boy” and “Don’t Stop the Music”. During “Pretty Boy” performance, there’s a large pink car on stage which have been seen in each of their AON tour and the girls were playing with their pink fake guns and shoots their fans’ hearts with love.


The girls ran back stage to change their clothes and dressed up in white outfits, singing “Missing You”, a slow tempo song. They were sitting on a swing up above the air, looking like angels. “If I were you” and “Come Back Home – unplugged version” were next whereby they sat on the chairs, really into the song as their fans sang together with them. It was “ugly” after that before they let their newbie label mate, Winner, conquered the stage.


Winner, is formed from an audition survival program (Who is Next: WIN), join by Kang Seung-yoon, Song Minho, Nam Taehyun, Kim Jinwoo, and Lee Seung Hoo. They performed “Just Another Boy” and “Go Up”, showing off their singing dancing and singing skills. During their greetings, they said it’s their first time to be in Malaysia and said they’re happy to be here.


After Winner’s amazing performance, 2NE1 came out with some fancy colourful outfits and started to sing “I Love You”. Right after that, they performed a sexy dance performance with their dancers, making their fans screamed crazily. They performed “Gotta Be You”, “Come Back Home” and “Do You Love Me” straight without any stops in between. Suddenly CL disappeared from the stage, left 3 other members, talking to their fans. Dara said this was their 2nd time in Malaysia and they’re very happy to see their fans again. She’d also congratulate 2NE1 for their 5th year anniversary last week.


The whole stadium was in pitch black and there’s a “Happy” song video played on the screen while 2NE1 members ran backstage for their next performance. Few minutes later, CL showed up, having her solo performance for “The Baddest Female” and “MTBD “song. She did a very good job having the stage alone by herself singing while lying on the floor during MTBD.


With only few songs left, the other members showed up in black outfits, singing “Scream”. The most unique stage was “I Am The Best” whereby at first everyone thought there were real motorbikes on stage and the girls looks hot driving it. However it was their dancers who dressed up like motorbike parts which is really amazing! Rock version of “I Don’t Care” and “Go Away” was next. Having such an incredible energy after performing 17 songs, 2NE1 ran all over the stage while singing “Go Away” and ended their performance with holding each other’s hand and bowing down to the crowds three times before leaving the stage.


The lights were off and fans kept screaming “ENCORE” for many times, hoping for them to come out again and perform encore stage. After endless screaming, 2NE1 showed up and started to sing “Lonely” and “I’m The Best”. Their fanclub, Blackjacks took out pink balloons and some of them throw a heart shaped balloon, written there “I Love You” and the girls was happily playing with the balloon cutely, making the fans smiled and laughed at the same time watching them.

Before their last song “Can’t Nobody”, 2NE1 said they were very thankful to the fans that showed up tonight and said they want to come back again to Malaysia.

As expected from 2NE1, the two hours concert was really fun and exciting; words couldn’t describe how perfect each of their performances and it will remain as unforgettable memories for those who attend it.

We, mykpophuntress.com from Malaysia, are honoured to be given the opportunity to attend and do a coverage of this fan-meeting. Huge thanks to IME Productions and also to 2NE1 girls! We hope to see you again in Malaysia soon!

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