[Exclusive] Lunafly keeps growing and blooming like the spring’s sakura

Lunafly keeps growing and blooming like the spring’s sakura


Being in seoul during the spring season is so mesmerizing when you got to watch the amazing sakura flowers everywhere, flying and moving around by the wind direction. This lead us to our next artists that we’ve met during the trip which eventually portrayed and embraced the same feeling of becoming more and more recognize each days. Their talents are pretty much growing from being on stage singing, moving on to the radio studio as DJs and mc-ing on the show! We managed to sneak into their private practice room just to see what it’s like to be a trio-idol group.

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

The lineup: Sam Carter – Leader, Singer, Guitarist, Violinist, Composer, Shin Taeho (Teo) – Singer, Pianist, Bassist, Percussionist, Drummer, Composer and the youngest one, Han Seung Yun – Singer, Guitarist, Drummer, Composer.

Fanclub’s name: Lukie (which means Lunafly’s Kingdom is Eternal)

Background: This is not the first time we’ve ever met Lunafly in person. The very first meeting with Mykpophuntress was back in January 2013 when we attended their small scale showcase in one of the coffee shop in Hongdae. Back in the days, they were still promoting locally without any debut album but what’s amazing is that they already caught an international interest during that time. The showcase was broadcasted live throughout the world and receives much love from the international fans. Due to the overwhelming request for asia tour, Lunafly finally arrived in Malaysia on the same year and returned back at the end of the year for a-365 days anniversary with Malaysia fans which can be considered as LUCKY for all the Malaysian Lukies. Being in the room with them again in this 2014 makes us feel more comfortable as if we’re catching up with friends talking on whatever topics we can ask for.


 The ‘conversation’: (MKH: MyKpopHuntress)

MKH: What are top 5 items you’ll bring along during travelling?

Sam/Yun/Teo: Cellphone, passport, clothes, underwear?(they keep saying everybody needs it), music instruments.

Sam: You guys were looking for something unique right and we’re so boring listing all these stuffs (laugh!) Since we’re travelling more and more nowadays, we try to reduce the amount of luggage we take so we can buy drinks….at the airport. I always take my shaver; if not I’ll look like a homeless person.

MKH: Is there any food that you must bring along as you travel?

Sam: We always try to eat local food from the countries we visited. We never take any special food with us because we think it’s important to experience their local food.

MKH: Then, what is the food that you like from Malaysia?

Teo: Nandos! (because he loves chicken so much! Haha)

(But it’s not a local food.)

Yun: Mee goreng (fluently in Malay!)

Sam: Yup! We had a lot of mee goreng during our visit.

MKH: Next, what reality tv that you want to appear on? 

Teo: I wanna appear on ‘We Got Married’ (the partner?) Everyone!

Sam: I’m not going to be on WGM because it’s stressful to pretend you’re married. I want to be on ‘Superman Returns’ and both of them will be my babies! Or the army show, the ‘Real Man’.

Yun: ‘Running man’ can be exciting and also ‘2 days and 1 night’

Sam: ‘2 days and 1 night’? It’s a show? I don’t really watch TV.

Yun: (Explaining in Korean what’s the show is all about)

Sam: We don’t have TV to watch.

MKH: You guys are still staying together right?

Sam: Sometimes, they go to their parents’ house and my parents live to far away =(

MKH: When was the last time you cried watching a movie and what’s the title?

Sam: (Translating to others) I remember Yun’s crying hard watching ‘The Miracle in Cell No 7’. I almost cried myself watching it too.

MKH: Who’s your idol/influence in writing the music?

Yun: Metallica, Slipknot

Sam: Yeah, Metallica is very similar to us…..(starts singing in a Metallica’s way)

(Any Korean artist?)

Yun: Sung Si Kyung, Lee Seung Chul..

Teo: Girls Day (Sam: From Sung Si Kyung to Girls Day!)

Sam: And I also like Nell, I think they’re so good. Their music is amazing especially their songs.

MKH: What are your top 5 search in your phone today?

Sam: Lunafly,…..lunafly…..! (kidding!) BBC Sports, and sometimes I’ll check Lunafly. Teo will check on Girls Day (laugh!)

MKH: What is the thing that you missed the most about Malaysia?

Teo: Nandos (laugh!)

Sam: We love everything about Malaysia as it feels like familiar to everything. The food, the people and the weather. We would love to go there again.

This is the entire interview that we had with the hilarious Lunafly. Special thanks to Sam for being the translator to us thus that is why you’ll see a lots of Sam’s parts in the conversation. Lunafly has just released their 2nd album with the ‘Special Guy’ as the title song. They are now in the midst of preparing for their South America Tour and are working hard to complete everything that they could especially on vocals, instruments and music instruments. We hope they’re able to bloom more beautifully in South America for a great exposure towards their future music undertaking and please come back to Malaysia if you miss us so much here.



Special Thank you to M.E Malaysia for the opportunity and Nega network for the exclusive interviews.

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