[EVENT] Skull & HaHa heats up Malaysia with Reggae music

Reggae music is still relatively new for Malaysian for all this while; however with the presence of top Korean duo to Malaysia for year-end event is the opening scene for a new music genre to be enjoyed by the local k-pop fans. Ha Dong Hoon, who is also known as Haha (popular with Running Man tv show), together with his partner, Skull were here in Malaysia to entertain the crowd at KL Live, Life Center on 21st December 2013 for their first ever showcase here in local shore.


During the press conference, Skull & Haha met the members of media at the Renaissance Hotel for the very first meeting in promoting their music towards the new listeners. Haha apologized for not being able to come to Malaysia with Running Man members, but now he is very happy to be able to come to Malaysia with his duo partner, Skull. They also talked about how reggae influences their music and lifestyles. Haha admitted that his life is just entirely reggae and Skull said Haha collected more reggae items than he does.


Around 8pm, the duo opened the showcase with Reggaerilla and Big Up, featuring the producer and song writer Nuol. They also performed ‘No More Trouble’, ‘From Fool to Fool’, ‘Ha Wa U? I’m Fine, Thank you!’ from their album.

Later, Skull and Haha picked 10 lucky fans to play game with them on stage. While Skull bragged about his team beating Haha’s team in other showcase before, team Haha finally took the crown for the night by winning the game.



One remark made by Haha during the showcase was “Tonight, I’m not Running Man Haha but I’m singer Haha” which may be a reminder for the fans that he’s more than a funny character on a tv show but rather to be recognized as a musician once he’s on stage. With that, they continued wow-ing the crowd with ‘Busan Vacance’, ‘Ragga Muffin Haha’s remix’, ‘Boom Di Boom Di’, ‘YMCA’, ‘X’mas remix’, ‘Hennessy 1’ which is a rare live performance,’ No Woman No Cry’ and ‘Rice cake’.

It was fun and energetic performances by the duo and we hope to see them again in the future for the upcoming tour!



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