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Having teased both fans and the public with their brief appearance at the Fan-Sign event at Jurong Point earlier in the afternoon, it was finally time for the highly anticipated “Watsons Race Start! In Singapore” Fan-Meeting with the five members from the cast of Running Man held at the Singapore Expo. Lasting roughly two hours, the five effortlessly wowed the cheering crowd of over three thousand local and international fans at their sell-out fan-meeting on the evening of the 19th of October, Friday. As promised during the press conference, the five members not only performed for specially prepared songs for the fans but also played games and interacted with fans on the stage, to the envy of everyone else.

The fan-meeting kicked off with a specially put together VCR of the five members parodied as the main characters from the popular Korean drama series, Boys Over Flowers. Cheers and screams ensued as the characters came to life in the form of Ji Suk Jin (45), Kim Jong Kook (36), Gary (35), HaHa (34) and Song Ji Hyo (32) who appeared together on stage dressed like the characters and singing its theme song, Paradise. Fans enthusiastically sang along to the familiar tune and it felt like it was already mid-show although that was only the opening performance of the night; only the tip of the iceberg.


After a heartfelt greeting and sincerely thanking the many fans who were present that evening, amidst seat changes to accommodate for Monday Couple’s Ji Hyo and Gary to be seated together, the members returned backstage for a moment to change out of their flashy outfits into the comfortable team-coloured uniforms with name-tags, previously seen only on the show. It was time for the “Race” to “Start!” proper. Close to 30 lucky fans were picked beforehand and on the spot by the members to go up on stage to play the games that have only been seen and played on Running Man. It was almost like watching an actual filming of the show as the games had fans being in teams with the Running Man members or paired up with one member to compete against another team to win the specially prepared games. Beginning with a hilarious round of ‘Animals Charades’ followed by the ‘Kick the Slipper into the Box’ game and the iconic ‘Shake Off the Post-It’ game, the selected fans found themselves competing against the Running Man members themselves in the iconic game of ‘Tug-of-War’. It was a sight to see 9 female fans winning against the five Running Man members, although we know the five were just going easy on them! The fun and refreshing games segment ended off with all the selected fans taking not only a group photo with all five Running Man members but also individual polaroid photos as a memorable token from the event, to the envy of the other fans seated in the hall.

As the five members headed backstage to prepare for the next exciting stage, fans were treated to a video message by none other than the show’s icon of betrayal, Kwang Soo, who was also recently here for his solo fan-meeting. Screams filled the hall as Kwang Soo congratulated the five members as well as apologized to the fans for not being able to come along to play due to his conflicting drama schedules. Promising that he’ll definitely come the next time round, he ended off his short video message with a cheer request to which the fans gladly complied as they “Ho”-ed and “Ho Ho”-ed to Kwang Soo’s cue. We hope to see Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk as well should Running Man decide to make another stop in Singapore!


After close to ninety minutes into the show, it was finally the moment that fans had been waiting for; solo performances by the individual members. It was evident that the crowd knew exactly who was up first just by the tinkling of the song’s opening notes. Deafening cheers accompanied him as Suk Jin appeared in a fashionable all-black outfit and sunglasses singing “I Swear”, a song made famous by the man himself on the show. Despite the inside joke in relation to the song only known to fans of the show, the song’s lyrics definitely mirrored Suk Jin’s feeling at that present moment. It seemed like he had prepared a lot of it as he sang his heart out for everyone in the hall.

The claps and cheers did not end with Suk Jin as he introduced the next member to perform. Gary was up next, dressed in a simple stone-washed jeans-blue shirt paired with black pants and topped with pair of sunglasses and hat, handsomely rapping to Leesang’s famous songs, “You’re the Answer to a Man Like Me” and “The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave” which were made even more famous after being aptly used as the background music for the Monday Couple. True to his rapper status, he wowed fans with his charismatic rap performance which left fans begging for more. And more did he give. Gary’s rap of the first couple of lines into the next song, “Turned Off the TV” was followed by the entrance of the ‘Monday girlfriend’, Ji Hyo, dressed in a blue knit top to match and bright red lipstick as sung in the lyrics of the song. It was a treat for fans of the ‘Monday Couple’ as the two shared a sweet and playful stage, a first for the Asian leg of the fan-meeting tour.

HaHa’s exciting stage followed as he sang a medley of his hit songs including “Busan Vacance” and “Rosa” which brought everyone to their feet as they jumped and bobbed along enthusiastically to the beat. Caught up in the passion of performing live, he also drenched himself with water after splashing water to the fans seated in front of the stage.

Finally, it was Jong Kook’s solo performance stage and he soothed the hyped up crowd with his sweet vocals as he crooned to his signature ballads, including “One Man” and “More Today than Yesterday”. The crowd immediately quietened down and swayed they light sticks and arms in the air as they enjoyed the wonderful performance.


The end of Jong Kook’s ballad performance brought out the other four members and they once again brought the entire hall to their feet as they sang and danced to Jong Kook’s famous “Loveable”. With each member taking a turn to sing the verses, the other members entertained the crowd with their famous signature dances from the show such as Gary’s ‘Butterfly Dance’ and Suk Jin’s ‘Woo-sa Dance’. It was definitely an exciting performance for both the members and the fans present.

Though over two hours had passed since the show began, it seemed like everyone did not want the show to end and the crowd began cheering for an encore even after the five members had gone backstage after their finale performance. Of course there was an encore and the members appeared once again, this time singing and rapping to Leesang’s “Our Meeting” which was a perfect way to end off the fan-meeting that night.

It was a memorable night which many would not be able to forget for a long time to come. Though the next time the three thousand fans would see the Running Man members again would be through the televised episode of the show, Gary promises that they would definitely come back to Singapore in the future for filming purposes should there be an opportunity to do so. So, Running Man fans, keep your eyes and ears peeled because the future might turn out to arrive faster than you may think! 😉

We would like to thank Channel ONE for the opportunity to cover the event.

Every Friday at 11.45pm
On channel ONE
StarHub TV channels 124, 820, 823 and 876
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