BTOB Promotes ‘Thriller’ Through Online Press Conference


BTOB who is just recently comeback with a latest track ‘Thriller’ hold an online press conference via Google hangouts to connect with overseas media in promoting their new album. This is the first event organized involving overseas media which includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan Thailand and Singapore. BTOB is a 7-members boy group under Cube Entertainment who share the same roof as Beast, G.Na and 4minute.  

Before the press conference started, Minhyuk greeted Malaysia media with ‘Selamat Petang’ and ‘Saya sayang Malaysia’ and other member, Ilhoon even introduces himself in Malay language.

When being asked about their thought on this comeback, Eunkwang answered that they have put a lot of effort and worked really hard for this album and dedicated this album to the fans who are always been there for them.

The group also revealed about their plans to promote this album overseas after their promotion in Korea ended. This great news brings big cheers from the media. A media asked on who is the most suitable for the ‘Thriller’ concept, the members agreed that Ilhoon and Sungjae fit the best for the concept while Eunkwang and Changsub as the most ‘thrill’ members in the group. Eun Kwang also revealed that Hyunsik always do prank towards the members as he loves to hide in a corner and scares others.

 The next question asked was regarding their choice of the title track as it shared the same title as Michele Jackson’s song and whether they feel any pressure to it. Changsub explained that they don’t feel the pressure much as it is not the same concept. He added that the song was inspired by a “Nightmare Before Christmas” movie thus a dark concept was agreed by all. The members later add that they are really respecting Micheal Jackson as one of the greatest pop icon in the world.

In the end, the boys ended the press conference by thanking all the media in different languages.

BTOB Thriller Album Cover

BTOB mini album, ‘Thriller’ consists of 6 tracks, including 2 self-produced songs by the members themselves. A song ‘Why’ is a track where Hyunsik collaborated with BEAST’s Gi Kwang, while Ilhoon and Minhyuk contributed in writing the rap for lyrics. An  autobiographical track entitled ‘Star’ was written by Hyunsik himself, during his trainee years, describing the uncertain future of BTOB’s trainee years, yet they keep persistent in becoming a STAR one day.

Mykpophuntress was honored to be part of this interview thanks to Universal Music Malaysia  and Cube Entertainment for the opportunity to attend this online press conference.

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