An Unforgettable Super Show 5 in Singapore

Super Junior 3

SUPER SHOW 5 in SINGAPORE was definitely a memorable concert for ELFs not only in Singapore but also around the world.

Singapore was the 8th stop in Super Junior’s concert tour and  it was quite an experience being at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 6 July 2013. After all, member Kyuhyun even said that those who were not present that night would live the rest of their lives in regret!

While it was unfortunate that the plans for a second show could not materialise, fans were treated to the best of the 10 members of Super Junior and Super Junior-M. The members were reported to have taken active roles in the conceptualisation and planning of  not only the entire concert, but also had a say in the costumes.

Super Junior 4

We were treated to the usual pyrotechnics-and-lasers combo that is staple for every concert, and the boys made use of the space fairly well when they chose to come up to the extended stage and stand in front of swooning fans. The stage plan is such that the boys were required to do less running around than what they’re used to, but other aspects of the concert more than made up for that.

Super Junior mainly stuck to their tried-and-tested format for concerts, performing hit singles like Sexy, Free and Single, Mr Simple, and Sorry Sorry. They also revisited older hits like Wonder Boy (where they came out wearing their infamous super hero costumes. No where else in the world can you find Goku having a mini battle with Wolverine!), It’s You, and Show Me Your Love. Super Junior has come a long way, and long-time fans would certainly have found it nostalgic to have these songs performed again.

Si won (facing front)

It wouldn’t have been a Super Junior concert if a group of them did not cross dress now, would it? This time, we were lucky (or perhaps unlucky? XD ) to be treated to Siwon, Ryeowook, Kangin and Sungmin parodying Son Dambi, SES, Gain and Hyuna! Their covers of Saturday Night, I’m Your Girl, Bloom and Ice Cream brought out their inner divas! We didn’t know whether to laugh or break down into hysterical sobs, but they pulled it off in typical Super Junior fashion, of course.

The fan project of switching to white finger lights during Daydream was also a rousing success, with the members commenting on how pretty the whole venue became, and even asked for the venue lights to be dimmed so that the blue-and-white lights could be seen better. Sitting in the audience itself, we could see how breathtaking it was. Imagine seeing it from the stage! Well done, Singapore ELFs!

The whole concert ended in a somewhat different note, with Eunhyuk coming out to talk to fans after the whole concert was over and fans were leaving. He felt the need to address the issue that has been plaguing the fandom as of late, and reminded everyone that Super Junior-M members Zhou Mi and Henry are still part of the ‘family’ though they are not part of the official Super Junior line-up, and pleads for fans to not be further divided by this issue.

Zhou mi (front)

It was overall a great night, and the boys had promised to return for a Super Show 6! We definitely can’t wait for that!

Thank you to organizer Running Into The Sun for giving us the chance to cover the concert! All photos are credited to them.

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