G-Dragon roars fiercely in ‘GD One of A Kind’ World Tour in Malaysia

He’s small but brilliant. He’s ain’t that typical idol group leader who acts cute in shows but he’s definitely has his own charms in attracting people to love him not only because of the idol group that he’s in, BigBang but from the music that he created and shared with the audience. Labelled as one of the genius in music composing, G-Dragon is not an ordinary singer that we’re looking for as he’s beyond than that. CNN listed him as one of the “50 Reasons Why Seoul is the Best City” and that’s all make sense. Kick-off his first ever tour in career as a solo artist do makes people wonder how he will pull up the expectation of the fans. Being able to experience the ‘G-Dragon 2013 1st World Tour: One of a Kind’ is such a spectacular event presented by the man himself, thus, proving he’s One of his Kind!


The concert started sharp at 8pm with a huge scream from the fans who some of them already line up a day before the concert started. G-Dragon came out on stage on a glass car resemble the batman battle-car as he’s probably portray himself as the joker (as referred to the fashion he’s wearing) and started to hype up the whole Stadium National Bukit Jalil with his latest single, ‘Michigo’.


Further up, he continued with his ‘controversial’ song, ‘Heartbreaker’  and his new tune, ‘One of A Kind’ which are a familiar rendition as fans were able to sing every lines fluently. With the help of the hologram technology, fans are able to watch the duet between G-Dragon and Tablo for ‘Light It Up’ and ‘The Leaders’ with CL from 2NE1. It’s a cool performance after all as this is the first ever concert which considers this ‘trick’ to make the performance looks real and fantastic!

The energy was overflowing throughout the performance. Although being on his own, the big stage is nothing to him as later it turned-up into a playful dreamland as the next slow-ballad song, ‘Butterfly’ giving him a pure boy looks who is looking for pure love. Sitting versatilely in the middle of the stage, he started the next song, ‘Missing You’ featuring Kim Yoon Ah of Jaurim (in hologram again of course!). This is when the playful side of him appeared as he pointed to fans on the ‘I’m missing you’ line which makes fans went another octave of screaming. It’s indeed a good song and lullaby (as it keeps playing on repeat in our playlist LOL) as hearing something different other than fast songs. Seated on a ‘throne’ he sang ‘That XX’ along the acoustic guitar-play by the guitarist and move on to ‘Without You’.


Being a G-Dragon, for sure everything should have been fabulous and whimsical as a big spaceship has been escorted out as a large music deck and he’s DJ-ing ‘Today’ with all the musical equipment attached to it. He’s then continued with ‘Shine A Light’ and start approaching the fans who’re in the front area and teased them ahead.   Singing up until 10 songs, changing into marvellous outfits and playing along with the props without a break would be hard as well, thus being a real human being on stage that needed a short break, he welcomed his bestfriend, Taeyang to continue the show with 2 songs namely ‘Where You At’ and ‘Break Down’. Taeyang did enthusiastically greet the audience, “Malaysia people who are here tonight are hot just like the weather”.

G-Dragon later came back on stage and continued to sing ‘This Love’ and ‘1 Year Station’. To vary the stage with new excitement, ‘Obsession’ which carries a heavy-rock music took place and GD was really into the stage-play where he’s been running around the stage and climbing high and low on the stage which would made him delivered the emotion of the song well. Added up to the emotional-sphere, he continued with ‘She’s Gone’ and ‘Crayon’. Surprisingly, a familiar melody and remarks of ‘Boom shakala ka! Boom Shalaka ka’ of BigBang’s ‘Fantastic Baby’ is one of the set lists made the crowds went hyped and dance to the choreography as well.


Disappeared again from the stage, fans were teased with a recorded video of GD being the clown and asked fans to leave the stadium as the concert was already over. But, knowing a concert would not ended without the encore, fans shouted for it and of course GD was generously giving them three songs for the encore, ‘Breath’ and ‘Bad Boy’ (Taeyang joined the stage). Before ended the whole thing, G-Dragon thanked everybody who involved with the tour, the magnificent live band who accompanied throughout the concert, to Taeyang and of course to HIMSELF! (ekekekeke!)

His last words were, ‘It’s time to say goodbye. Thank you for everything. Thank you for coming tonight. Thank you for always supporting me! I have so much fun tonight! I will never forget tonight. I promise to come back with my brothers BIGBANG, so please wait for us!” and Please don’t forget me’ AND recapped it with ‘Michigo’.


G-Dragon One of A Kind Live Tour has its own level as a solo performance artist who is able to drawn a huge crowds to enjoy the concert. As tweeted by the band member, #GDOOAKinMY is the loudest out of all the places so far thanks to the unconditional supports from the ‘yellow sea’ who highlighted up the whole stadium. Two thumbs should be given to the production crews, the live band as well as the stage prop which awesomely occupied the stage with its own functions and colour-up the stage to more amazing towards the ends. We hope more great success for G-Dragon in his upcoming new solo album that will be released in August 2013.

Thank you so much to the organizer, Running Into The Sun for the opportunity to cover the event.

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