TVXQ! Delivers Promise of Unforgettable Night at “Catch Me” Live World Tour Concert


The Kings had finally descended yet again onto Malaysian soil after a 6-year absence. The last time TVXQ! was here, it was for the Malaysian leg of their 2nd Asia Tour. This time around, as part of their “Catch Me” Live World Tour at Stadium Malawati last Saturday, the duo of U-Know (Yunho) and Max (Changmin) made all the wait worthwhile for Malaysian Cassiopeia, who had come out in full force to meet the people they had patiently been waiting for.

Cassiopeia’s loyalty is legendary and it is a fandom that is a force to be reckoned with, something every single fan in the audience during the concert got to experience. Fans had started arriving to the venue hours before the concert was scheduled to start, whether to queue for their spot in the moshpit, or to buy merchandise on sale. Volunteers from the fanclubs had gone around passing out banners and purple lightsticks to fans who were present outside the stadium grounds, as part of a fan initiative to present the TVXQ! duo a special project that will make the Malaysian leg of their tour unforgettable.

To the resounding screams and cheers from the passionate audience, TVXQ! opened the concert with fan favourite, Rising Sun. With sleek and perfectly-executed choreography and the powerful vocals that they are known for, they reminded Cassiopeia yet again why the wait was worthwhile. They then performed other songs like Hey! Don’t Bring Me Down, Wrong Number, Humanoids, Purple Line, crowd favourite for the night, Catch Me, and many of their other hit songs.


Special mention has to be made for the videos that were shown during the concert. The videos were perfectly made to showcase different sides of U-Know and Max, from brooding and handsome rivals in shiny cars and motorcycles, to adorable young men experiencing new love. They certainly kept the audience ooh-ing and ahh-ing during TVXQ’s outfit changes, and while they took a breather backstage!


The stage set-up was also perfect for a group whose long-awaited return had finally arrived. As they mentioned during the press conference, U-Know and Max were both very apologetic for keeping the fans waiting and they promised a more intimate concert with the stage set-up. And they sure delivered that promise!

The stage covered almost the entire floor of the stadium and brought the duo very close to the fans. In fact while singing their slower songs, U-Know and Max could be seen gazing into the audience as if wanting to look into the eyes of every single fan present to imprint the details of that night into memory. They were also airborne a lot, either in cute aeroplanes, or lifted up by wires or poles, or on a platform lifting them up to be closer to fans on the higher floors. It was the perfect use of the space available.


A very touching moment was during the video segment when they showed the love and support U-Know and Max has been receiving from fans right from debut till today, and we spotted a few fans with wet eyes in the audience. It was touching not only because it showed the hard work the duo has been putting in all these years, but also the fans who have stayed by them to support them in what they do. Each and every fan then held out the white banners that were given out before the concert, with the words “We are always here”, and started chanting “Dong Bang Shin Ki” till the boys came out again to sing 바보 (Unforgettable). That was really the highlight of the concert for us!

Instead of shouting for an encore, the fans cutely sang a verse from I Swear, a song Max had written for Cassiopeia. The concert then went into encore, starting from Mirotic, and ending with I’ll Be There. In the closing segment, U-Know declared that everyone was one during the concert, and that the main characters for that day were the fans. Max yet again apologized for making fans wait, and said he was thankful that everyone had waited patiently for the two of them, whom he described as imperfect.

The duo promised to come back soon. Till then, the memories from that night will surely tide fans over until the time that they meet their imperfectly perfect idols again.

Special thanks to JPM Music for the opportunity to cover this magnificent concert.

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  1. deedra says:

    This was a very well-written article. Making me miss the concert again.

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