Press Conference: Dashing Princes A-PRINCE in Singapore

Press Conference

The media was graced with the presence of the 5 members of A-Prince at Singapore’s Orchard Hotel on 17 May 2013. Dressed in white and red and looking very much like dashing princes, the members opened the session with a refreshing group introduction before delving deeper into the meaning and concept of their group name.

It was revealed that the name, A-Prince, was conceived by the 5 members themselves after having switched companies following a change in the original members’ lineup. Each member also possesses an individual princely trait to go with the team name and they candidly showcased them upon request by the host.


The team’s Prince of Princes, Sung Won (24), Sexy Prince, Min Hyuk (21), Smile Prince, Seung Jun (19), Cutie Prince, Si Yoon (18) and Baby Prince, Woo Bin (17) treated the media with their individual sexy and cute facial and hand gestures which sent cameras clicking away.

The youngest member, Woo Bin, whose birthday falls on the day of the showcase, also shares his excitement of celebrating a birthday for the first time in a foreign country and adds that it’s a new but nice and interesting experience.


In response to questions about the members’ habits in their dorm, Min Hyuk reveals that Si Yoon snores and twists around a lot when he sleeps while Seung Jun who shares a room with Min Hyuk, playfully adds that he talks in his sleep, causing much laughter among the members.


On the subject of future music collaborations, the members individually expressed their interest in working with various musicians including world star PSY, JYJ’s Jae Joong and Korean rapper, Beenzino.

Set to perform for the very first time live at the DBS Art Centre on Friday, the members enthusiastically talked about their comeback track, tentatively entitled ‘Mambo’. Describing it as a ‘challenge’, the members reveal that the tracks on this new album were made by mixing several new genres into the current stream of Kpop music to bring about a refreshing new sound.


We would like to thank JNation Entertainment for the opportunity to cover the event.

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