“We’re sorry for making you wait for 6 years”: TVXQ! Promises a More Intimate Concert for Fans Who Have Waited

Press Conference

The room was abuzz with excitement as various media representatives mingled with each other and helped themselves to the reception prepared by organizers JPM Music. Held at The Saujana Hotel, the press conference was going to be held at 3:45pm, but media representatives were already present about an hour before.

Afterall, the kings of KPOP has finally returned to Malaysia. The last time TVXQ! was in Malaysia was when they held a concert here six years ago and a lot has changed since then. Now back for the Malaysian leg of their TVXQ! Live World Tour “Catch Me”, fans who have been waiting for a long time to catch their idols in person again responded with the enthusiasm of 6 years of pent-up passion, as seen from soaring ticket sales.

After a short introduction by JPM Music, the handsome TVXQ! duo of Yunho and Changmin entered the press conference venue. Standing tall and dignified, the duo did their usual rounds of introduction for the media. In fact, TVXQ! was the epitome of a delightful mix of handsome pride and bashful humility, the latter stemming from the fact that they know fans have always been there for them and have continued to wait for them even though it has been 6 years since they stepped into Malaysia.

The duo was quick to apologize about the wait the fans have had to go through to see them. They promised a more intimate concert this time around since the stage was set up in such a way as to bring TVXQ! closer to the fans. They hoped to be able to make eye contact with fans in the audience. While they spoke, the duo seemed determined to make sure this concert will be one Malaysian Cassiopeia will never forget.

When the emcee suggested that they do their concert opening greetings in Malay, Yunho said that they would be greeting everyone in English, but thinks that the Malay pronunciation sounds lovely! He then went on to learn how to say “Aku cinta padamu” (I love you) specially to say to the fans during the concert.

Speaking about the unconventional venue of their stay in Malaysia, they said they actually liked staying in a resort instead of the usual hotel. When asked if they like the warm weather, Yunho replied in English, “It’s very hot, yes, I like (the) sun,”  drawing laughter from everyone in the room. Yunho said that because of his fans’ support and love, he has been busy with tours, but if he has free time, he loves to play volleyball. Also, especially since it is summer in Korea, he would love to try marine sports like scuba diving.

On his foray into the variety world, Changmin revealed that through his stints on variety shows, he has had the opportunity to meet many good staff and “funny brothers”, and he would like to show a “healthier smile” to everyone through his shows. Yunho then thought to validate Changmin’s words by saying, “It’s really funny!” to which Changmin gave a grudging “Thank you” in English!


When asked about TVXQ’s airport fashion, Yunho thanks his staff for making him look good but doesn’t think that he leads when it comes to airport fashion. He said he has a lot of interest in sandals, though, even though he doesn’t really have a collection of sandals all ready to be worn in airports.

Once again, TVXQ! promised a fun time at the concert. Changmin said: “We apologize for making you wait for 6 years. For tonight’s show there might be songs that you’re hearing for the first time (live), so I hope that tonight’s show will go on smoothly, and that it will be fun.”

Special thanks to JPM Music for the chance to cover this press conference, and for allowing Malaysian Cassiopeia (and those from around the region) to experience TVXQ! live after a 6-year absence.

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