Lunafly Dazzles at First Showcase in Singapore


Nega Network’s Lunafly finally made their performance debut in Singapore! Fans of the acoustic trio were not only treated to a 2 ½-hour showcase at the Hard Rock café on 12 May, but were also graced with their presence at a public fansign event at Causeway Point the day before.  Tickets for the Lunafly weekend, as we like to call it, were sold months before and the response was a hot one. Exactly how hot were the fans for Lunafly? Well they definitely showed it during the fansign session and the showcase!
After Lunafly had given Lukies (and shoppers at the Causeway Point mall) a very exciting preview of what it is like to watch them perform live, fans were definitely hungry for more.

The Fly To Love’ showcase started at 4pm at Hard Rock Café. We have to say that the venue, though small, was great for a band like Lunafly; surrounded by rock & roll memorabilia, the place providing an atmosphere that is intimate yet promising a rolling good time.

And delivered, Lunafly did. Famed for their acoustic covers and original songs and live performances, Lunafly did not disappoint as they serenaded, crooned, and strummed their way to the hearts of everyone present, which included patrons of Hard Rock café sitting on the second floor of the establishment. Fans packed the first floor, and the proximity of the Lunafly boys to their fans had definitely given the band an experience they will never forget.

Starting the showcase off in the sweetest way possible with ‘Clear Day Cloudy Day’, they serenaded screaming fans with their sweet vocals. Looking a little shocked at the reception, member Yun (19), received the most screams, which continued on for the rest of the evening.

They then continued on with covers of Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’, Maroon 5’s ‘This Love’ and Bruno Mars’ ‘The Lazy Song’. Lunafly’s covers of English songs have set them apart and allowed them to connect with fans from all over, and it has allowed them to showcase their versatility.

Other covers that they performed included Maroon 5’s ‘Payphone’, Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’, Bruno Mars’ ‘Just the Way You Are’,  Bruno Mars’ ‘Locked Out of Heaven’, Train’s ’50 Ways to Say Goodbye’ and a One Direction medley that ended the showcase on a high note. Lunafly also performs a special song for every country they visit, and this time, they delivered a flawless and very moving rendition of JJ Lin’s ‘Endless Road’.

Fans were surely there to watch them perform their own creations – hit songs like ‘Super Hero’ and ‘Fly to Love’ brought out the loudest screams. Lunafly’s leader, Sam (25), was so overwhelmed by the fans singing along that he said he had goosebumps . Lunafly has always made it clear that they feel touched when fans sing along with them; it is testament to the amount of love Lunafly receives not only for their songs but also their performances.  The venue of the showcase and the intimacy of the setting certainly allowed the love to travel all that easier.

A special mention has to be made for the camaraderie the Lunafly members share, and for the ease with which they interacted with their fans. While Yun was shy and reserved, Sam and Teo (19) certainly had enough jokes to go around. Group mood-maker Teo’s attempt at English was the highlight of the talk segments, drawing raucous laughter from fans and his members alike, and certainly made the night memorable for everyone (we especially loved his indignant declarations of “We are serious musicians!” when asked to showcase their aegyo). 


Lunafly is one band that you have to watch live to understand how good they are at what they do. They have promised to return to Singapore, and because we know that Lukies are facing severe withdrawals right now, we hope their return will be sooner rather than later. In the meantime, the group will be putting out more covers and working on more music for Lukies all around the world.

Don’t forget to check out more pictures from the showcase, fansign and press conference on our Facebook page:

Special thanks goes to JNation Entertainment for allowing Lukies to experience this special event, and for the opportunity given to us to cover Lunafly’s first showcase here.

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