In Singapore for the first time to promote their newest album, Fly to Love, Lunafly greeted the various media representatives at the Studio M Hotel for the day’s press conference on 10 May 2013. Decked in different styles of denim, the members; Sam (25), Teo (19) and Yun (19) entered the venue with bright smiles and handsomely posed for an official group photo before taking their seats comfortably to begin the session.

The band started off with a self- introduction of themselves after which they were prompted by the MC on what they thought of the reception at the airport when they arrived the day before. Sam, who is half British and half Korean, replied in fluent English that they were rather surprised at the large crowd greeting them with loud screams but reassured everyone that they liked it and that it was good.


Sam also acted as the translator of the day for the other two Korean members as the band took various questions from the media. With regards to their music style, the members wanted to try something new and had chosen to include more upbeat songs for their first full-length album after their first two acoustic singles. In addition to composing original tracks for the album, the members also revealed that they first write the English lyrics of their songs before the Korean lyrics to produce two versions of the song. Teo also expresses the band’s interest in collaborating with girl group, 2NE1, should there be an opportunity in the future.

Lunafly is also well known for their acoustic covers of various English pop songs on their youtube channel but when posed the question of whether there are plans for the individual members to release solo original tracks in the near future, Sam firmly says that they have yet to have such plans and will continue to perform as a group. He also reiterates that doing music will always be the top priority for the band although they may have ventured away from just live music performances and into broadcasted music shows and radio DJ activities. These, he says, are simply avenues to show their different colors to the fans.

In response to their plans for the future, five years from now, the members unanimously agreed that they want to continue being busy doing music in Korea and also abroad. Teo added that he hopes the band would also receive much love from all over the world while Yun hopes for Lunafly to go on a world tour. Playfully, he also adds that he wishes Sam would continue being a radio DJ forever.


With Mothers’ Day coming up that weekend, the members were asked how they usually express their love for their parents and what they would choose to hide from their parents if they could. Teo stated that aside from sending money home, they often call and message their parents and in particular for the youngest, Yun talks to his mother every day. He reveals to us that his mum is proud of him because he already has a full-time job as a singer at his age.

Sam, who hadn’t seen his parents for over a year and a half, says that he buys flowers for his mum on Mothers’ Day when he’s in Britain. He also adds that the music industry is tougher than he imagined and despite being worked to the point of exhaustion at times, he never reveals the difficult times to his parents to avoid them worrying too much about him. Yun on the other hand, tells his parents everything as they worry more when he keeps mum about the tough times. Teo chips in to say that he had a made another bank account which his parents don’t know of and Sam jokingly replies saying that Teo had made some extra money without them knowing about it!

Before concluding the session Sam tells that the band does something special during the showcases for each different country to make it more memorable for the fans and he asks that fans look forward to it during the showcase due to happen that weekend.

We would like to thank JNation Entertainment for the media invite, and for bringing Lunafly to Singapore.

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