1. Ticket Sales will officially start on 23 Jan 2013 (WED) from 10am onwards
  2. Tickets will be available through Ticketbooth
  3. The top up of the Autograph Pass $48 and the Photo Taking Pass $68 are OPTIONAL.
  4. ONE Fan Meet Showcase ticket purchased across any of the 3 price categories entitles you to purchase ONE of the Top Up Options; that is EITHER an Autograph Pass OR a Photo Taking Pass.   ONE Fan Meet Showcase Ticket = Entitled to purchase ONE TYPE of Pass ONLY.       

  5. LIMITED Autograph & Photo Taking Passes are available based on a First Come First Serve basis; While Stocks Last!
  6. Overseas fans that would like to attend the events can purchase the tickets through Ticketbooth Website or by calling the Hotline as stated above.
  7. Please take note that for any lost or damage ticket will NOT be entertained in any form of reprint or refund. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the safety and the condition of the tickets.


Important Notes for Fan Meet Showcase on 22 Feb 2013 (Fri), 8 pm at Kallang Theatre


  1. The Seating Plan of the Fanmeet Showcase at Kallang Theatre can be viewed at Ticketbooth website:  Tickets can only be purchased from 23 Jan 2013, 10 am onwards.
  2. There will be Song performances, Games and Fun with Kim Jong Kook plus exciting prizes to be won at the Fan meet Showcase!
  3. Photography and Videography are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED during the Fan Meet Showcase.
  4. For reasons of safety, security and comfort of other audiences,
    • Infant and Children of below 3 years old will be denied entry for the Fan Meet Showcase.
    • Child of 3 years and above will require a Fan Meet Showcase ticket for entry.
    • Child of 3 years old to 12 years old should be supervised and accompanied by a paying Adult.    

Important Notes for Photo Taking Session on 22 Feb 2013 (Fri), 9 pm at Kallang Theatre  

  1. The Photo Taking Session will take place at Kallang Theatre on 22 Feb (Fri) after the Fan Meet Showcase ends.
  2. ONE Photo Taking Pass entitles ONE person to ONE group photo with the artiste and 7 other holders, which is a total of 8 person and artiste in one photo.
  3. There will be a standard photo formation to adhere to. Each person will draw lots just before the Photo Taking Session to determine the position that he or she will have to take in the photo. Eg. If you pick “No. 5”, you will be sitting beside the artiste, if you pick “No. 8”, you will stand behind artiste. In this way, it will be fair to all the people in the photo. Everyone will enjoy close proximity with the artiste and nobody will be left in a far corner. Please refer to the below diagram 
  4. We will try to accommodate requests for friends or family members who also have the Photo Taking Pass to be in the same group photo but not the position. Positions CANNOT be selected. The Organiser’s decision will be Final.
  5. Photo Taking procedures and instructions will be announced before and after the showcase by the emcee. Photograph Taking Pass holders are to stay back for the Photo Taking session, adhering strictly to instructions given on the day for security & safety purposes. 
  6. The Photo will be taken ONLY by the Organiser Official Photographer. NO personal cameras including mobile phones, tablets or any other photo taking devices will be allowed during the Photo Taking Session.
  7. Photo Taking pass holder will receive the Photo taken by email. Instructions will also be announced before and after the Showcase by the Emcee.
  8. Please note that by opting to purchase the Photo Taking Pass, you have already agreed to all the terms and conditions set by the Organiser. 

    All the rights of the photo taken belong to the Organiser. The Organiser reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice. Organiser decision on all matters regarding the Photo Taking shall be final, binding and conclusive.


Important Notes for Fan Sign Session on 23 Feb 2013 (Sat), 3 pm at IMM Level 3 Garden Plaza

  1. The Fan Sign Session on 23 Feb (Sat) at IMM is open to the public, which is FREE for all to come. Official Poster Autograph Session is for Autograph Pass Holders ONLY. There will be NO song performance during the Fan Sign Session. However, you will still be in for some fun and interaction with Kim Jong Kook.
  2. Artiste will ONLY sign on the Official Poster provided by the Organiser on the day of the Fan Sign event (23 Feb) at IMM.
  3. In order to facilitate a smooth and orderly Fan Sign Session, those who have bought the Autograph Pass will have the privilege to queue at an exclusive area at the front of the stage.
  4. There will also be an exclusive area allocated at the Fan Sign Session as a Special Privilege for those who have purchased the Photo Taking Pass should they choose to attend the Fan Sign Session on 23 Feb at IMM.
  • Photograph Pass Holders will NOT receive the Free Poster and the Autograph but are welcome to attend the event.
  • Latecomers will NOT be entertained. Latecomers will not be allowed inside the exclusive area, and will have to join the public area.


All details & logistics have been endorsed & approved by JK Entertainment.

Please send your queries or questions to  

Check back here frequently for updates, or head over to


Kim Jong Kook will also be appearing on The Sheng Shiong Show on 23 February, 9PM, live on Mediacorp Channel 8!

Additional Giveaway! For those who have purchased at least 1 Kim Jong Kook Singapore fanmeet showcase ticket, we will be conducting a lucky draw to select 10 lucky fans who will each receive a pair of Sheng Siong TV recording tickets to watch Kim Jong Kook LIVE at the TV station! 

The lucky winners will be drawn based on seat number; the list of winners will be announced on 21st February. Winners can collect the Sheng Siong tickets at the Fanmeet Showcase. More collection details to be announced later. All the best!

All information above from the Mode Entertainment Facebook page,


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