Asia Super Showcase : An Adrenaline-Filled, Masculine Stage!

11 December 2012 was quite a night to remember for the 8000-strong crowd at the 2012 Asia Super Showcase
in Malaysia.

A joint showcase for 3 groups, Cube Entertainment’s BTOB and SM Entertainment’s Super Junior-M and EXO-M, excitement was high prior to the showcase, with Super Junior’s fans making their presence felt at the venue with their signature blue t-shirts and light sticks. Though fans of BTOB and EXO-M were not as clearly visible,they made their presence known throughout the showcase with their passionate screams and support for their favourite bands. Banners for the groups and individual members were also hung throughout the venue, and lighted fan boards lit up the Super Zone and Pit Zone area, all the support making the experience a very heart- warming one for the artistes, we’re sure!
The boys of BTOB started the night off with a bang, showcasing smooth vocals and snazzy dance routines with songs like Born to Beat, Irresistible Lips, Imagine and One Thing I Know, before launching into a full attack on the sanity of fangirls in the Super Zone area with their performance of My Girl. A song specially for their fans, they sat on the extended stages and sang directly into the moshpit. The screams were deafening as pretty boys Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changseob, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon and Sungjae serenaded the swooning fangirls.
While all their songs are only in Korean, it was adorable how they tried to connect with their fans during the ment segment. Most of the members introduced themselves in English, while Hyunsik spoke in near-perfect Mandarin and Changseob stuck to their native Korean for the Korean speakers in the audience who had come all the way from Korea. Crowd favourite and resident cutie, Peniel, said, “Malaysia is amazing. We visited KLCC, did some shopping… everything is beautiful here.” That sounds like they’re already itching to visit Malaysia again! During the Q&A segment, Hyunsik declared with enthusiasm that he loved “Beautiful girls!” and Ilhoon showed his signature aegyo, and taught 3 lucky fans on stage how to do aegyo, Ilhoon-style. The screams were crazy at this point. Is there anyone as cute as Ilhoon? We think not (at that moment anyway, hah!).
They kept the energy level high throughout the rest of their performances, amidst some technical difficulties with the sound system, showcasing their professionalism when they recovered very quickly. They were also very candid about it, with Minhyuk repeating “Zhenme ban?” (How?) when the music stopped. The second last song was the crowd favourite, Insane, and they closed their segment of the showcase with WOW, which had gained a lot of attention (even from world-renowned producer Teddy Riley) for its retro feel of the new jack swing sound. It was the perfect song to close the BTOB segment and move on to the next band – EXO-M!
Among the 3 groups EXO-M was the most newly debuted but you couldn’t tell that from the way they delivered their performances. 4 songs were too short for us, and for their fans out there, but we’re hoping they’ll return soon with their brother group, EXO-K. Opening their segment of the showcase with History, their sleek dance moves, true to the SMP style of SM Entertainment, and strong vocals reverberated throughout the venue, with main vocalists Chen and Luhan leading the pack very well. Leader Kris performed his rap parts tall, proud and handsome throughout, Lay led the team very strongly as the main dancer, Tao was impressive in his wushu moves, and Xiumin, the cute dark horse of the group, showed off his flexibility in his singing and dancing.
Taking a break from the hardcore dancing, they went straight into a performance of Angel (Into your world) / Angel 你的世界, the lighting and hearts on the screen contributing to a very sweet atmosphere that had fangirls swooning. Who wouldn’t want to be serenaded by the sugary vocals of Luhan, Chen, Lay and Xiumin? Luhan and Chen then performed What is Love as a duo, and we’re pretty sure even those in the audience who were not previously fans of EXO-M were blown-away by the vocals of these two good-looking lads. Even though the sound system left a lot to be desired, the boys performed to the best of their ability, reaching high notes almost effortlessly and delivering their parts smoothly.
Taking a well-deserved break from their performances, the other members joined the two for their ment segment, introducing themselves in Chinese. The screams were almost deafening when leader Kris spoke up in all his perfect glory. It was evident how much the boys were having problems with the heat, with Chen wiping himself with a tissue, and then wiping his fellow Korean member Xiumin with the same tissue (as gross as that sounds, it was actually really adorable, we kid you not), and Tao taking off his jacket slightly to reveal his strong shoulders, to the crazy screaming of fans. Lay had a lot to say during this segment and seemed the most excited to be in Malaysia; make sure you tell your EXO-K brothers all about it, Lay! With one last song, MAMA, the EXO-M part of the showcase came to a close. It felt too short, but for the fans it was worth it to see the beautiful boys of EXO-M perform live, with their sharp moves, amazing visuals and awesome vocals.
For the many ELFs waiting, Super Junior-M’s part of the showcase couldn’t come at a more perfect time. Having been hyped up by BTOB and EXO-M, fans were ready to party with Super Junior-M. The characteristic sounds of the opening beats of Super Girl got the whole place screaming and the 7 dashing men Zhoumi, Henry, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun (Siwon was, unfortunately, absent), clad in all- black ensemble displayed their years of being in the business. While BTOB and EXO-M exuded boyish charms, the men of Super Junior-M were all suave and handsome and were very settled on stage, knowing what exactly made their fans tick.
They then sang two slow songs. The second song was a perfect rendition of the classic, 至少还有你 (At Least I Still Have You), and then Ryeowook and Zhoumi took to the stage with爱不单行 (Love Doesn’t Come Alone). Again, the sound system could not do justice to their beautiful voices but they delivered every note with a passion and ease that only comes with experience and expertise.
The highlight of the Suju-M segment was of course the ment segment of the showcase, where they wereable to be the hilarious and candid people that they are, their banter among themselves and interaction with the MC and audience bringing laughter to the whole place. Resident mood-maker Eunhyuk delivered his introduction in Malay with, “Apa khabar, nama saya Eunhyuk, terima kasih” (How are you, my name is Eunhyuk, thank you) to the awe of fans. Some of his other memorable moments was when he declared that Suju-M were in Malaysia to look for girlfriends. What a tease! Main vocal Kyuhyun showed off his impeccable mandarin, too, and seemed proud that his mandarin has improved. His fans certainly approve, judging from their screams! The handsome Donghae seemed to have created a little booboo for the group when he revealed information about the group’s comeback, and even revealed a little of the group’s new choreography. We don’t know whether to believe him or not, though. We don’t trust the joker to not be trolling us! Siwon also made a guest appearance on screen via video to apologize for his absence, and to thank fans for their neverending support. It was disappointing that he couldn’t make it, but fans understood that it was due to his tight schedules. Maybe next time, Siwon!
The members were also put to the test regarding their knowledge about Malaysia by identifying tropical fruits found in this region, since this was not the first time they were in Malaysia, and they also had to choose the members they would date if they were girls. In relay-style, they chose each other, and Henry ended up with nobody choosing him. Aww, it’s okay, Henry! Look into the crowd and see how many love you! Suju-M then brought the showcase to a close with 迷 (Lost), 命运线 (Destiny), 太完美 (Perfection).
MyKpopHuntress would like to thanks Marctensia Concerts and Universal Music Malaysia again for inviting us to cover the event. 
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