ZE:A: ‘Children of Empire’ are children no more!

ZE:A aka Children of Empire is children no more!

This Korean group has staged their second  fan-meeting in Malaysia and completely fell in love with the country. Prior to the showcase, during press conference, they have stated that this second visit should have remarked something new to the boys as they can see their growing fan base here in Malaysia. Upon the showcase, the maturity and confidence level of these lads are so above the par to be addressed as children as what experiences have taught them so far in becoming one of the recognizable group in Asia.

ZE:A starts the show by singing three song for the kick-start which are ‘Body to Body’, ‘Watch Out’ and ‘Aftermath’. Soon after, they greeted the fans with ‘Apa khabar’ and compliment on how happy they were to meet all Malaysia fans for the second time. With no time to lose, each of the members showed their charms on stage thus creates the screaming from the ZE:A’ STYLE. Dong Jun who is currently casted in musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’ acted some teaser portraying his role for the musical. Kwang Hee who always being bubbly, blurted out that he is “married” referring to his ‘We Got Married’ variety show with Secret member, Sun Hwa.

Since this is a showcase + fan meeting, a list of great games have been prepared for the fans to interact with the boys as well as getting to know them better in person. For the first game, it is an Q and A session between the members

1st question: Who is the most greedy when it comes to food?

Everyone pointed at Hyunsik, which he proudly agreed saying that he need food because he is the tallest.

2nd question: Who is the dirtiest person?


3rd question: Who is the most stingy person in the group?

Members pointed at each other, but fans voted KwangHee as the stingiest one.

4th question: Who cry the most watching sad movies?

All members pointed to Taehoon as he always cry. They later added that their leader, JunYoung also a crybaby in the group.

5th question : Which member will you introduce to your sister?

All members could not give answer and even asked mc to skip the question, but Kevin proudly said that he will introduce Kwang Hee to his sister, which got a reply “I love you Kevin” from Kwang Hee.

6th question : Who make the most mistake on stage

All votes went to Siwan, and he shyly admit it, and say he will work hard in future

Next activity will be the interaction with fans as they were playing ‘cham cham cham’ (a Korean games). Fans were chosen by lucky draw to partner up with each member. The losers who lose in the game will get a flick on the forehead. However, instead of the painful flicking, some fans managed to get a hug from the members. All lucky fans received a signed album at the end of the game.

Later on, they changed the outfit and performed a ballad song, ‘Become a star’ (with a shooting star as background) continued with ‘Never End’ and ‘Whole Day Long’

More games afterwards as more lucky fans to be invited on stage. There were drawing t-shirts for fans as well as choosing their own games  While waiting the t-shirt to be drawn, Kevin volunteered to entertain the crowd. Dong Jun performed a powerful dance, while Kwang Hee showed his sexy dance making fans scream out loud for it.

For the next game, fans once partner up with members and this time, they choose the game that they want to play with ZE:A based on the shooting arrow. The arrow went to “Ddakji ” game, which both Kevin and his partner failed to flip the Ddakji, but in the end Kevin gave the Ddakji which contain polaroid of 8 members! Lucky fan!Kwang Hee, Taehoon, heechul, Minwoo choose to play the “eye game” which they have to compete of not to blink first, but of course they lost on purpose to the fans. Dong Jun got the “sing a song” and sang “Forever Love” which compatible with his sweet voice, Siwan whose arrow went to ” palm game” was later pushed by naughty Dong Jun making him lost balance and fall on the fans – looks like Siwan lose to the fans . They later performed ‘Heart For Two’, ‘Mazeltov’ and their new single, ‘Phoenix’.

Before the show ended, ZE:A expressed their gratitude for the awesome support by fans and promised they would love to come to Malaysia again. Thinking it’s going to end, ZE:A got tricked by fans’ surprise birthday event to Hyung Sik who will celebrate his birthday on Nov 16. Fans held up a placard written ‘HyungSik, Happy Bithday, ZE:A’s will always be with ZE:A’ and members bring in the cake. He almost cried as he felt so touched and say he wish he can be happy with ZE:A and ZE:A’s forever.

ZE:A performed ‘My Only Wish’ and remix of ‘Body to Body’ as the encore before saying good bye to fans. To a surprise, they did a special “Oppa ZE:A Style” and ended the event with full of styles.

See You Again, ZE:A. Malaysia will always be there for you guys! ^^

ZE:A Showcase in Malaysia is organized by Jazzy Group.

More pictures on press conference here : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.520542834624010.122795.142576139087350&type=3

More pictures on showcase : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.520742787937348.122851.142576139087350&type=1

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