When Taeyang tweeted “Malaysia, lets get wet” upon their arrival in KLIA and half and hour before the show starts, G-Dragon tweeted, “Singing in the rain~~~let’s go Malaysia!” Yes, RAIN! When was the last time you were soaking wet in the rain just for a concert? VIPs will definitely said, during BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR IN KUALA LUMPUR!!!! Drenched clothes accompany with no umbrella and only wearing the raincoat, there’s nothing much you can do about the weather but BIG BANG successfully managed to rock and pump the RM4 million stage set with the live band along with their performance. It’s a phenomena and no other group would have done it so far in Malaysia.

BIG BANG ALIVE Tour in Malaysia is putting a new benchmark on how a concert should be done. 80% of the tickets sales SOLD during the pre-sale alone before it’s completely sold out within the days and the whole Stadium Merdeka has been jam packed with enthusiastic crowds gathered with the yellow crown-stick and the raincoat of course! This is also BIG BANG’s first full-fledged concert in Malaysia and able to turn in a huge crowd who have been waiting for them all these while from their debut years.

We’re still ALIVE!

As soon as the music starts and the curtain has been pulled away, the 5 lads started the show with ‘Still ALIVE’ as they have been put in capsules portrayed as if they have landed on earth. Fans started to scream and they jumped out from the case singing ‘Tonight’ with a great energy in getting the audience hype as well. The performance continued with ‘Hands Up’, ‘Fantastic Baby’ and ‘Stupid Liar’.  They greeted the audience with:

G- Dragon: Are you ready to party Malaysia?

Daesung: Nice to meet you!”

TOP: Good evening Malaysia!

Taeyang: “What’s up Malaysia!”

Seungri: “This country is awesome! We are so excited right now, so many people, i love this place!!”

It’s just enough praises to shaken up the whole stadium again with the cheering and hysterical audiences for it.

 When it comes to showmanship, BIG BANG is one of its kinds. They do not famous with their dance step that went viral, but the strength is based on the songs and the vocal of the groups itself. Putting up gimmick like riding a bicycle by Taeyang or teasing the fans with shirtless body are the bonus of what fans can squeal for. Seungri taught fans on how to dance to Fantastic Baby before they performed the song. One thing that we admire about BIG BANG is how spontaneous they are on stage. At one part, while Seungri did the beat-boxing, Taeyang just danced to the melody and played along with the ‘maknae’ while waiting for the duo, TOP and G-Dragon to prepare their solo stage. This collaboration of the two members won recognition for Best Rap and Hip Hop Performance to name a few in the music scene sang ‘High High’ and ‘Knock Out’. Both of them also showed their skills in beatboxing and rapping skill live for Malaysian fans. The other 3 members did their solo stage as well. Seungri went on stage performing ‘Strong Baby’ and ‘What Can I do’ with mischievous dance, top-up with Taeyang who coolly  immersed in his ballad ‘Only Look At Me’ and ‘Wedding Dress’ although he slipped and slide due to the soaking stage and later on seems to have fun doing it. Daesung wowed the audience with ‘Wings’ and his incredible vocal in singing live is nothing to compare as he’s DAESUNG!

Soon after, all of them came back on stage for a ballad version rendition of ‘Haru Haru’ . Fans later sang Happy Birthday song for Mr Teee-Oooo-Peeee who will be celebrating his birthday on November, 4th. With a shyly gesture, he ‘Terima Kasih’-ed the fans. They also performed their other evergreen tracks ‘Lies’ and ‘Last Farewell’. Though it seems to be end of the show, fans demanded for encore as usual. 4 songs for an encore session were generously presented by BIG BANG to feed the greediness of not wanting the show to end. Running around the stage, throwing away shirts and towels or even playing along with the crowd are the fan service that could not be forgotten by the VIPs.

All in all, BIG BANG left a strong impression to the crowd. The effort in connecting with the audience can be seen in using English as much as they can. The responses received from the spectators show that people were anticipating on every moves that they have to offer that night. We believe everybody left the stadium humming to their songs and smiles all way out as they satisfied of what have been presented from these talented boy group. BIG BANG ALIVE concert is a success not only in Malaysia but throughout the world with the continuous added show dates in London and US.  With all the upside down incidents circulated around them before, they are now standing up high in the phase of conquering the world with the message that they’re still ALIVE and don’t mess-up with them.

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 in Malaysia is sponsored by Samsung Galaxy , presented by YG Entertainment and Live Nation Entertainment and organized by Running into the Sun with Official Partner PMP.

Thank you so much to RUNNING INTO THE SUN for the opportunity to cover such a big event.


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