Wonder Girls say ‘Like This yo Like This’

Wonder Girls say ‘Like This yo Like This’

This girl group has no need a long introduction on who they are as the name itself has been a phenomenon around the world with their hit song ‘Nobody’ long before Psy did it with Gangnam Style. These 5 young ladies have landed again in Malaysia for the 4th time in conjunction with their full scale concert name Wonder World Live In Kuala Lumpur. Wonder Girls also mentioned that they felt so much love being here in Malaysia as everybody are being so nice to them with the support and help during their stays in the press conference before the concert starts. Fluently replied in English from all of them, they did promise on a surprise performance with a solo stage for each of the members which do get us up from out seats!

The Show

Started around 8pm, Wonder Girls came on stage with energetic dance to ‘Like This’ with colorful costume and heated up the stadium with more songs afterward. Seems like dancing continuously to 3 songs straight got no problem to the ladies as they did impressed us in a way. Then, they greeted the fans as usual saying how they missed performing in front of Malaysia fans and thank you for still supporting them for all this while. The purple sea form of the light stick can be seen in the stadium waving according to the melody of the songs. Spotted in the crowd were lots of fanboys singing along with the girls and parents who bring in their children just to enjoy the show. There’s also a segment where all 5 of them stand in the extended stage and just singing a short verse of any of their songs requested by the crowd. How’s cool is it? Most of the songs requested are from their previous album thus, brought back the memories of their journey in the earlier years to where they are standing right now. They performed a total of 24 songs which put-up different highlights in each of the performances and lasted around 2 hours.

Solo Performance

Each of the members except Sohee have their own spotlight on stage when they were performing their solo performance on different songs. Yenny changed to be darker while performing the sidetrack from Dream High – Hello To Myself. Although this is the first time listening to the track, it does gives justice to Yenny’s redention to the song.

Yubin turned the sweet tunes of So Hot into a rock version of the song and presented a strong rocker aura on stage. Poor Yubin had tripped over but managed to get back on her feet showing how professional she is on the stage.

Sunye put up the varieties of the part by playing an organ and sang the song Touch by Miss A.

Hyelim performed Act Cool with an energetic performance of hip hop song and fans went crazy over the montage when they aired the recorded VR of her with Nickhun, JJ Project and the boss himself, JYP.

The highlights

The stadium becomes more loud and in disbelief when the girls came out on stage wearing baju kurung! Started of by Sohee waking up the stage with a bucket of candies and threw it out to the crowd especially in the VIP area. Then, others joining in the stage and join up together singing ‘Be My Baby’ in baju kurung with complete choreography. Who said we cannot dance in baju kurung? Wonder Girls just did it! It’s such a great trick for the Malaysia stage as everybody would have anticipating it for a while. This will be an epic stage to Wonderful and other people as well.

A compliment for Wonder Girls in putting up much effort in interacting with fans by doing lots of fan service so that there will be no gap between them. At one time Yenny, Yubin and Sun even jump off the stage just to be closer to the fans down there, followed by the rest. They, at least have to take the risk as the fans are waiting for that intimate moment with the idols as well. This is the maturity that can be seen from their performance. We can say that due to lots of international exposure gotten to these girls have made them more open and being more confident on stage.

One more thing, they don’t have any translator at all. They just speak up full English throughout the concert so there will be not problem for fans to understand what have been said by them.

As for the encore, they came back to stage and sang their hit song, ‘Nobody’ through acapella and make the crowd join together by saying, “I want nobody, nobody but you”. Wonder Girls ended the performance impressing the fans with few Malay remarks like ‘Terima kasih’, ‘Aku cintakan mu’ just to leave the last impression for the fans.

We have to praise these girls as we’re so amazed on how active they were throughout the concerts with dancing with the heels, moving non-stop around the stage, countless wardrobe changes and even had fun doing that. That’s the advantages of k-pop in making people so in love with them and behind each of the wonderful performances, there will be a hard work done by them to make it perfect. Thank you Yenny, Yubin , Lim, Sun and Sohee. YOU GUYS ROCK!

This unbelievable experiences would have not been possible thanks to M!Live, Fooyoh.com, DAOL Entertainment & JYP Entertainment.

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