Wonder Girls Press Conference: We’re full of styles!

Wonder Girls Press Conference: We’re full of styles!

Having to seat with Wonder Girls in press conference room at Hilton Hotel would gives a different insight on the girls. Each five of them entered the room with warm smiles and keep smiling throughout the session. Sohee, Yubin, Lenny, Sun and Lim are the members of the groups who said they’re very thankful for being here and appreciate for the support that has been shown for them as well.  Let’s look aton what the girls have shared with us during the meeting.

 R: Repoter

WG: Wonder Girls

1. R: You guys have debuted in a Disney film, how hard it is in acting compare to singing?

WG Yenny: There are differences between both acting and singing. As for acting the Disney movie, major obstacles would be speaking in English. But it was fun filming it and we learn a lot of new thing along the way.

2. R: Lim loves one direction, who do you like in the group and what would you do if you’re able to meet them?

WG Lim: I will get a starstruck! (laugh) I like all of them but pay more attention to Louis Tomlinson because he seems  like goofy and fun to be with. I would love to spend time for a lunch with him.

3. R: Any special stage for the concert tonight?

WG Yubin: We have a special costume only for Malaysia and it’s secret. You have to wait for tonight.

4. R : Any idol groups that you like?

WG Yenny: Now, we have JJ project and 15& just debut from our company. Their music is good and please support them as well.

5. R: How is the members’ reaction upon your relationship revelation?

WG Sun: I’m doing good in my relationship, I am sure the other girls are very supportive and I’m really thankful for that. A lot of people are curious about my relationship and wedding but when the timing is perfect and I have good news to share with you all I will definitely let you know and make it public so don’t worry about it. Thank you for supporting me!

6. R: Favourite international stars that these you would like to work with.

WG Lim: I would say Akon is my favourite because I have always been a huge fan of Akon and I always loved his music, it’s very catchy and fun!

WG Sun: I would say Beyonce because I have always looked up to her so if we get a chance to meet her or have a collaboration that would be amazing.

WG Yenny: I love Usher!

WG Yoobin: Katy Perry. She’s very fun and she’s a very talented artist.

WG Sohee: Maybe Rihanna, she’s very cool and trendy so I would love to meet her!

7. R: What’s next for these syndrome makers? A solo album for each member?

WG Yenny: For now we are preparing for our US album together so there are no plans for solo albums but we all have different kind of styles so maybe in the future.

8. R: If you get a chance to act in a drama, what kinds of characters would you like to challenge yourselves with?

WG Lim: I would like to act in a romantic comedy or family or fantasy movies.

WG Sun: I would say action, like Angelina Jolie, really hard action!

WG Yenny: I think me too, but kinda like Catwoman

WG Yubin: There is going to be competition because I would like to do action too and also I like comedies so maybe something like Bond?

WG Sohee: I wanna do a teenage girl role so I can wear a school uniform.

9. R: How do you maintain your popularity as many idol groups are debuting each day?

WG Lim: We’re just keep coming with good music and be ourselves.

WG Yenny: It’s good to see more k-pop groups as they are also bringing more colours and styles to the industry.

Check out a short clips from the press conference:


Next, concert report! ^^

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