Kim Hyun Joong: Asia Tour Fanmeeting in Singapore


That is the only word that come to our mind when the fanmeeting cum mini-concert ended. We would really wondering how a man is able to turn into various characters as a singer, an actor and being a Kim Hyun Joong himself.

The show starts at 8pm with a special montage on how this ‘alien’ has landed in earth looking for peace and found the harmony here. It’s more like an introduction on how Hyun Joong wants to be potrayed by the fans and the audience.

Synonym with ‘God of Universe’ as a nickname, he managed to nail the attention from the starts till the end. Performing for  almost 10 songs, this fanmeeting really turned into a full scale concert, but he said lets enjoy this as a fanmeeting more than a full scale concert because a full full concert needed more efforts than this.

His showmanship on stage should be given two thumbs up with all the dances and the dramas that he created through the montages that have been prepared before hand.  We can see that he really put a lot of efforts and determination to make sure this solo Asia Fanmeeting is successful. Fans really see the different sides of him as what he has promised before to show to the public.

What makes it is called a fanmeeting as there are interactions between Hyun Joong with fans on stage. 5 lucky fans have been selected to go on stage and have a wonderful moments that they will never forget it for the rest of their life.

The event ended with the hi-5 session with all the attendees in the stadium. Hyun Joong personally thanks each of the fans with his billion watt smile though he’s just finished with the performances.

Thank you to the Running Into The Sun for the event and the memorable experiences that all henecians have created today. We really wish Kim Hyun Joong to stunt the Malaysia shore in the future and even have a succesful events for the upcoming fanmeeting  in Taiwan and Hong Kong afterwards.

We will leave all of you here with these photos so that you can judge it with yourself on how cool Kim Hyun Joong is today and always.

All official photos credit to : Running Into The Sun


More picture by us will be uploaded in our facebook

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2 Responses to “Kim Hyun Joong: Asia Tour Fanmeeting in Singapore”

  1. gtk says:

    Congrutulation to leader on the success of the fanmeeting cum concert, i witnessed it and truely kim hyun joong is very professional. He shows great showmanship. keep it up kim hyun joong.

    the fans was excited, the girls behind us was screaming and screaming on top of her voices all the time and it becomes so distrubing that we cannot really hear the singing.

    the whole program was fantastic, except one part that make me very concerned, they address him as God of the Universe, There is only one God who created the Heaven and Earth and He is the almighty God and none else. Lucifer wanted to be like God and was cast down from heaven to earth like a lighting. and his name is no more lucifer the morning star and now called satan the devil the prince of the air.

    Leader is a Christain and the bible say whosoever believe in Jesus Christ is the son of God, Jesus Christ is the Heir of God and we are joint Heir with him to the father, whoever believe in him. Leader is the children of God and heir of the father and will receive all blessing.

    Let be careful and pray that Leader Kim Hyun Joong will be bless abundantly with wisdom and knowledge to do more to bring joy to many people with his singing.

  2. Ing says:

    So sweet your word.YES HE IS, the good man the ONE we knows.We love him,We care about him coz he’s part of us, he always bring peace n happines,he’s KIM HYUN JOONG.WISH GODBLESS WITH HIM.

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