2012 Play! FT ISLAND Concert in Malaysia.

FT ISLAND rocks Malaysia shore and Primadonas in their concert “Play! FT ISLAND Concert” in Stadium Negara, Malaysia last night. They performed 20 hits songs from the latest as well as the previous albums in the concert that lasted for two hours.

The list of the songs are I Hope, Bing Bing Bing, The Cool vs Pretty, Hello Hello, I Will Get You, Love Love, Life (Jap. Ver), I Want (Jap. Ver), Let It Go (Jap. Ver), Flower Rock, Sunshine Girl (Acoustic), Confess, Even You Tears, A Bad Girl, The Man in Sinsa-Dong, Will Love All, You Are Smiling Like A Doll, Donkihote’s Song, Troublemaker, and last the song Primadona.

Though Hongki (the lead vocalist) suffered with sore throat, it did not affect the showmanship and performance at all. On top of that, amazed the attendees with powerful vocal during the live show.

Finished with the main highlight of the night, the boys came back on stage for an encore and performed 3 song; Love Sick, Until you Return and Like a Bird.

Thanks to Square Roots for a successful and memorable concert for all Primadonas in Malaysia.

Here are some pictures taken from the concert. For more pictures, please visit our Facebook.







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  1. Liwen Liew says:

    do u print out copies of their photos to sell? i’d like to buy them please~

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